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Page Name/URL

The page should be named with the core target keyword in mind, however it should not be stuffed or over engineered. For example, focus on the main product or service, without "modifiers" such as locations or engagement types (e.g accounts payable automation is good, but accounts payable automation company is over engineered.)

H1 Tag

The H1 heading should be the name/title of the page or post and should only be used once within content production.

There is no technical limitation to the length of heading tags (h1, h2 etc) as they're not displayed anywhere other than on the content page.

Use relevant keywords in the H1 title that you are targeting within the content piece.

Meta Title

Meta titles will need to be optimised to be under 70 characters long. This limit is imposed by search engines to ensure the length is down in search returns.

Customising and creating meta titles that reflects the content will help search engines understand what the content and page is about. This is also beneficial to users as an accurate title can push users to click.

Optimise Meta Titles with the appropriate keyword, ideally towards the beginning of the title.

Meta Description

Meta descriptions can be any length, although Google often limits snippets to 150-160 characters. Keeping the description as sufficiently descriptive as possible can ensure the primary goal of driving clicks and providing value to users is achieved.

Meta descriptions do not affect Google's ranking factor, although do impact a page's CTR, which can impact a page's ability to rank.

Customising the meta description to be unique to the page and content can ensure that the user has enough valuable and informative information to click.

Image Size

The ideal size limit is 100KB . Higher than that, it'll compromise the page loading speed performance.

Sentence Average Length

To measure this, we calculate the average length of the sentences, and give it a score.

Paragraph Average Length

Longer paragraphs are generally more difficult to read than shorter paragraphs.



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