Website Migration Checklist

Welcome to the Site Migration Checklist, a tool created by the SEO experts at POLARIS.

Website migrations can be a tricky business, where one wrong move could prove devastating to your site's performance. The risk factor involved in a migration means that it's crucial to have the know-how of an experienced team.

Our SEO agency team at POLARIS has handled over 1230 migrations, so it's safe to say we know our stuff, and we're giving you this SEO migration checklist as a good starting point on your own migration journey. This checklist will guide you from the pre-migration phase all the way through to post-migration, and for all things in between.

Note, this checklist does not guarantee a successful changeover, or that you will retain your existing SEO performance (rankings, traffic, leads, sales). Only when this checklist is used by a trained team of migration experts can performances be guaranteed.

Website Migration Checklist


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