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Gifts and Experiences

As an online gifting retailer, you want to capitalise on every opportunity life offers for celebration. Following a seasonal calendar is easy, however what gifts and experiences companies are looking for is to drive an all-year-round consistency in sales. Whether you sell hampers online, gift experiences in London, or a variety of gifts for a variety of occasions, you need a digital marketing agency that understands your traffic acquisition goals.

At POLARIS, we partner with gifting companies that want to increase their market share for seasonal occasions, birthdays, and life events, positioning your brand for inspiration and transactions.

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  • Programmatic SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Ecommerce Analytics
  • Ecommerce Migrations

Auditing your current SEO performance across onsite, technical and offsite to determine what SEO opportunity looks like to increase ecommerce sales online.

We know that your SEO goal is to increase market share against other ecommerce competitors online. After an initial call to learn more about your current situation and objectives, our team will evaluate your business' current SEO performance, starting with an in-depth audit of how you perform for key categories within your business. We use our expertise, passion, and ecommerce SEO experience to share the exact challenges you face and how we can partner to overcome them, together.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Guiding you and your technical team on how to optimise your product catalogue database at scale, through automation.

Programmatic SEO or SEO Automation is the process of applying rule-based logic to product databases to create optimised pages at large scale. Perfect as a part of an Ecommerce SEO strategy for large scale sites.

Our technical SEO managers will conduct thorough research into your product data, and database structures before delivering a series of proposed rules to implement as a part of a site wide programmatic SEO strategy. We have experience in implementing rule-based logic in a variety of ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Salesforce and Shopify Plus.

Programmatic SEO Services

We deliver short and long form content that fuels your marcomms strategy to achieve your communication objectives and drive engagement.

Our inhouse content and digital PR teams appreciate the importance of user targeting and understand their informational needs. We craft content that focuses specifically on these areas so that our content engages the right people at the right time, guiding them as they travel on a journey with your brand. Our content marketers are experts in understanding user intent and analysing both the search landscape and competitive landscape to determine the type of content that's required to achieve a satisfied reader.

Content Marketing Services

Partnering with you to deliver digital PR that promotes your ecommerce brand and products for rank gain.

We partner with ecommerce retailers and brands that are competing in organic auctions and need the power of digital PR to outrank their competition.
Utilising your product range and our contact database, we know how to position your brand to be of interest to leading editors so that they want to feature you when you need it most.

Partnering with POLARIS will ensure your brand has value from its PR not just today, but tomorrow as well.

Digital PR Services

Auditing and building custom tracking solutions for ecommerce brands that want accuracy in their data when it comes to performance reporting.

Our data analytics teamwork with brands to implement tracking and analytics solutions that give clarity to marketers, on all aspects of digital performance.
Whether it is Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics, our team have the experience to build enterprise level tracking solutions for your ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Analytics

Our proven SEO migration service model ensures a seamless transition that maintains and enhances your website's organic rankings and performance.

If you are in the process of creating a new website experience and want to ensure your performance is retained, a number of aspects will require consideration.

From meticulous pre-migration planning to vigilant post-migration monitoring, we are dedicated to preserving and advancing your SEO equity throughout every phase of the site migration process

Ecommerce Migration Services

Our SEO Account Process

At POLARIS, we follow a methodical process to audit, onboard, and partner with your business.

We understand that relationships are just as important as results, and that's why we have our unique R&R model that we use to gauge how we are performing and how healthy our partnerships are.

Our process starts by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives. Regardless of the marketing channel or strategy, your objective will always be to engage with your target customers.

Our team of marketing consultants, manager, and experts on the ground all work together to provide you with a single dedicated partner solution that acts as an extension of your marketing function, at arm's length.

93%of online experiences begin with a search engine.

We analyse users in your market and identify their conversion paths.


The journey so far for many brands is success. POLARIS have consistently guided marketers to become subject matter experts in the field of SEO within their specialist area of marketing. We call this the POLARIS effect. Read what our partners have to say about their SEO journey.

2,486%ROI through Closed Won Revenue

As the exclusive SEO agency partner for Bateaux London, POLARIS were responsible for collaborating with the Bateaux London team and web agency to plan, manage and migrate the SEO equity of the business from a legacy website to a new website, on the same domain.

Our SEO Agency Experts

Our team comprises of talented, passionate marketers that come together in the field of SEO to deliver our process driven, best practice approach to SEO. With experience across all forms of ecommerce, our team are well versed to drive sales and performance over time.

Accountability Through Numbers

Our account management cadence is driven by a desire to communicate openly and honestly. As your SEO agency, it is our responsibility to keep you up to date on the progress we are making and the challenges we need to overcome together to drive success.

We have a unique Relationship & Results model that we use to determine the health of our partnerships, and we measure activity on the ground to quantify deliverables and performance along the way.

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  • How much does SEO cost per month?

    Agencies will usually charge a day rate based on the needs of the project, set KPIs quarterly based on this day rate and confirm with you. In most cases KPIs can be amended to suit your budget and a clear road map for progress will be provided.

  • How can I measure the performance of an SEO campaign?

    Google Analytics for traffic to the website and conversions, as well as rank tracking software to show improvements to your keywords in Google will all help in measuring the success of SEO campaigns. SEO agencies will also provide access to performance dashboards and monthly reports.

  • How do I find a reputable SEO agency?

    Agencies listed as Google Partners, the Recommended Agencies Register, BIMA Associates and other industry bodies are the best place to find reputable agencies. Many will also provide case studies, references and an insight to their work to ensure you are confident of finding the right partner.

  • How long does SEO take to start showing results?

    SEO can start showing results from within the first few weeks of a campaign being live, generally within three months a campaign should start to show a clear and obvious positive change.

  • What Work is carried out in an SEO campaign?

    SEO campaigns are generally made up of three areas - On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. Although each area has a multitude of sub-areas, they are the three core areas of SEO practice.

  • What are backlinks?

    Search engine spiders crawl websites through internal and external links. Internal links allow spiders to move through your website, external links will move spiders across domains. External links pointing to your website are called backlinks.