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Targeting your Buyers through Ecommerce SEO.

Our Ecommerce SEO service is designed to sit amongst your wider digital strategy, assisting your users to interact with your brand and convert as customers over value, over time.

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Our E-commerce SEO Services

At Polaris, we drive sales through SEO for ecommerce clients by focusing on SEO automation, CMS customisation and content marketing initiatives. Our SEO automation processes allow an entire product database to be optimised, providing an increase in onsite SEO scoring for all products within your catalogue at a base level.

We apply automation rules to both product and category pages and use best practice formats that are designed for both SEO score and Usability. This helps us ensure that as a client, your website complies with the latest algorithm requirements including E-A-T and YMYL for maximum SEO gain.

SEO Automation

We analyse your product database and deliver a rules based optimisation plan to optimise your entire product set. This ensures maximum SEO value is gained across all products.

Product Specific PR

Utilising our PR database of over 30,000 contacts to get your products featured within buyer guides, expert reviews, and product galleries, all driving valuable exposure and authority to your website.

Analytics & Strategy

We analyse overall digital marketing strategies & performance to understand how we can increase existing SEO opportunities as well as identify new ones across typical user journeys.

Competitor Analysis

We carry out competitor research based on a number of different factors, including competitors by pricepoint, brand value & current SEO performance.

S.E Compliance

As your SEO agency, its our responsibility to ensure your website is compliant with all Search Engine policies. YMYL & E.A.T are just two of the policies we work inline with.

Feed Optimisation

Our proprietary shopping feed optimisation tool allows us to optimise your products so that you can outrank your competitors and increase your sales.

Billion. This is the esimated number of online shoppers by 2021.
45% of these shoppers will start their journey with a search engine.

Driving New Customers to your site, again & again

With experience in working with over 300 ecommerce clients, we are experts in increasing sales for clients across retail, fashion, home & garden, packaging and FMCG.

As an agency we setup and test SEO strategies on our own ecommerce websites. This allows our team to understand how SEO can perform best and also how to continue to utilise a client’s CMS to its maximum capability. We have experience in optimising on Magento, Woocommerce & Shopify.

Our agency experience has shown that a split strategy across broad terms and product specific terms works best, arranging traffic and sales goals into short term and long-term targets. We drive volume through generic searches, which then engage with your brand and convert through other channels, or we drive product specific traffic that converts directly through SEO.

Driving New Customers to your site, again & again

Driving incremental sales online.

Experts in SEO AutomationCategory & Product Page SEOStrong focus on E.A.T & YMYL Magento & WooCommerceProduct based Digital PRComplimentary PPC Services

An SEO Agency Focused on ROI

Our SEO team comprises of account directors and SEO managers that have years of experience in driving an increase in customers for ecommerce clients.

All of our SEO team are cross functional and trained in at least 1 other related discipline, including content, digital PR, and PPC. This means that our clients benefit from an SEO strategy that considers a wider digital strategy and can be integrated more effectively into an overall strategy.

Our SEO managers are all Google Analytics qualified and attend regular industry events to keep abreast of industry learnings and developments.

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An SEO Agency Focused on ROI

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""The SEO team helped us get Goddiva back onto the top 3 positions for our key product lines after a very bad site migration. We enjoy the increases in organic traffic the team are achieving for us and we are very happy to work with them. Great bunch and definately experts in retail SEO.""
Yathu KanagatharamBusiness Development Manager, Goddiva


As experts within the SEO industry, we have taken our learnings and used them to offer useful resources that will help you plan your SEO campaigns and strategies more effectively.

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Critical Factors For SEO Success

Voice Search

Voice search is currently the biggest opportunity in SEO. With households adopting voice enabled devices including phones, smart tvs and speakers, voice search is a critical element of your eCommerce strategy.

Search Compliance

With increased threats to user security and data online, search engines now have even more stringent requirements for ecommerce websites to be compliant. We study these requirements and through clear SEO actions ensure your website is compliant at all times.

SEO Automation

With vast product catalogues comes the challenge of optimising for maximum gain. A split approach which allows for entire catalogue optimisation through SEO automation and then a further layer of category and product level SEO is paramount in ensuring SEO success.

Brand Confidence

Ensuring your brand is trusted and seen as a good company to deal with is paramount in a users decision making process when choosing to transact. Ensuring you tick these boxes and communicate them is critical to your success.

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