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As experts in Ecommerce SEO for Headless, we thoroughly examine and provide guidance on all technical aspects necessary to ensure successful crawling, speed, and structured data. Our team of Ecommerce specialists tailors their approach to suit the unique needs of your business, creating a solid technical foundation for your SEO campaigns to thrive upon.

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Headless SEO Service

Our team of SEO experts thoroughly analyse every aspect of your Headless website and digital SEO profile in order to present all potential opportunities to enhance the health, accessibility, and performance of your business's SEO. With a "technical wishlist" methodology, we collaborate with you and your development team to identify feasible opportunities for integration as well as more challenging ones that may require creative solutions.

Collaborating with you and your team in this fashion ensures you achieve maximum gain from our technical expertise and benefit in the long run too.


Trying to mange a ecommerce replatform or migration? We can ensure no loss of visibility or rankings to help set your business up for the future.

Speed Optimisation

Ensuring rendering, servers, load speed and content delivery is efficient and exceeds the needs of users and search engines will improve crawl rates, indexing and user experience. In turn, improving rankings site wide.

On-page Optimisation

Building a website that is accessible and structured in the right way, including for voice search, is paramount to SEO success in 2022 and beyond. We build voice campaigns using effective structured data, actions and improvements to site accessibility.

of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users
in your market and identify their conversion paths.

Our SEO Account Process

Our technical SEO specialists care about data and user experience. By pairing these two core elements at the heart of our work, understanding the data at hand and investigating issues to remedy them; we have built a strong underlying principle of technical excellence as an SEO agency.

Within our technical SEO work, whether a fixed or ongoing project, we work in a way that allows us to utilise both in-house tools, built from 10 years SEO experience, third party tools and individual expertise to have a three step process of auditing, testing and resolving issues on any technical project.

Every account with POLARIS has a dedicated technical SEO manager who will be working directly on your account and if need be can be responsible for integrating technical SEO changes and work to your website. This ensures we can aid in speeding up delivery times through avoiding development sprints, increasing the rate at which technical changes are implemented and hit KPIs, targets faster.

Our SEO Account Process

Our SEO Principles

Experts in Ecommerce SEOReplatforming and Migration ExpertsPlatform & Theme File OptimsationSpeed & Load TroubleshootingDedicated Technical SEO ManagersTime & Date stamped Changes

What Is Headless SEO?

Headless SEO refers to the practice of optimizing websites that are built using a headless content management system (CMS). In a headless architecture, the front-end and back-end are decoupled, allowing for greater flexibility and faster performance. Headless SEO involves optimizing the content and structure of the back-end to ensure search engine visibility while providing seamless user experiences on the front-end. It requires a strong focus on technical SEO elements such as metadata, structured data, and URL structure.

Delivering Technical Excellence

Our Headless Ecommerce SEO team are recognised within the industry as leading experts in the latest Ecommerce SEO trends. We hire specifically for Ecommerce SEO roles based on people’s passion and ability to demonstrate long lasting technical & non technical SEO proficiency across all different sized websites, from 10-page local businesses through to large scale, global, multi-lingual websites.

Our team are never satisfied with their knowledge and attend regular training events, industry events and carry out R&D Projects internally in order to improve not just their own technical ability, but technical SEO practices as a whole within the industry itself.

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Delivering Technical Excellence

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""Polaris have been honest and realistic about the time and approach needed to get our business the digital perfomance we needed. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, we have diversified our business and can see B2C being a larger part of our revenue going forward. Great team that really are experts in their field.""
Adam BenjaminAdam BenjaminDirector, Paradox London

Critical Factors For SEO Success

Site Structure

With crawlers and users looking to find core parts of your site quickly, it is essential your site structure offers ease of use. Further, international or language tagging is essential for global sites.

Site Speed

No user likes a slow loading website and working to improve delivery of code, images and server performance will all improve SEO results.


Whether it is UX, voice, image reading or Alt tags – accessibility is becoming increasingly important to technical SEO. In 2022 it is essential to ensure your site is usable to all.

Structured Data

Well written, expansive structured data allows for websites to dictate to search engines where core areas of action are. This improves both crawling and diversity of search results.

Headless SEO FAQs

What is Headless SEO and how does it differ from traditional SEO?

Headless SEO refers to the optimization of websites built using a headless content management system (CMS). Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on optimizing the entire website, headless SEO specifically emphasizes the back-end infrastructure and technical aspects of the website. It involves optimizing metadata, structured data, URL structure, and ensuring seamless user experiences. Headless SEO requires a deeper understanding of the technical aspects and the ability to adapt SEO strategies to a decoupled front-end and back-end architecture.

Does Headless SEO impact mobile responsiveness and user experience?

Yes, headless SEO can impact mobile responsiveness and user experience. Since headless architecture separates the front-end and back-end, it allows for more flexibility in delivering optimized experiences across different devices, including mobile devices. By implementing responsive design and mobile-friendly practices, headless websites can provide a seamless user experience on mobile devices. This, in turn, can positively impact user engagement, retention, and overall satisfaction. However, it's important to ensure proper implementation and testing to guarantee optimal mobile responsiveness and a user-friendly experience.

Why should I opt for Headless SEO?

Opting for Headless SEO offers several advantages. It provides greater flexibility in website design, development, and customization, allowing for improved performance and scalability. With a decoupled architecture, you can optimize the back-end specifically for SEO, ensuring faster loading times and better search engine visibility. Headless SEO empowers you to adapt quickly to changing technology trends and deliver engaging, high-performing websites.

Why should I hire POLARIS for headless seo?

POLARIS provides specialized expertise and experience in optimizing websites with a Headless architecture. We are adept at navigating the technical complexities, implement best practices, and help you achieve better search engine rankings and user experiences.

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