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A full Service SEO solution

At POLARIS we deliver a full 360 SEO solution for our partners. As a leading international SEO agency operating globally, we have the experience to drive performance for Brands and Challengers that are serious about adopting a best practice approach to SEO, guiding you to success.

  • SEO Strategy Audit
  • Onsite SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital PR & Outreach
  • SEO Site Migrations

An SEO Strategy is a roadmap that considers all pillars of SEO to drive about a change in your rankings and traffic performance.

At POLARIS, we care about clarity, transparency, and accountability. That's why our journeys always start with an SEO Strategy Audit. After an initial call to learn about your objectives, our team will evaluate your business' current SEO performance. We consider your performance within the target search landscapes you want to conquer, as well as consider how you are performing against key competitors from a market share perspective.

We use our expertise, passion and processes to build an all encompassing SEO Strategy that includes targets and milestones so we know where we are headed, together.

SEO Audit Services

Optimising your onsite SEO journey from landing pages to knowledge centre content and editorials for SEO success.

Experts in on-page SEO services, we optimise your website to improve rankings and drive qualified traffic, whether it’s an ecommerce site that needs automated onsite SEO or a niche B2B website requiring careful analysis and an onsite optimisation strategy.

Our SEO agency comprises of a team of Onsite SEO specialists that optimise product pages, solution pages, editorial content, and knowledge content to increase exposure within target search engines.

Onsite SEO Services

An SEO strategy can only progress if your website is technically proficient for search engine crawlers and user experience.

We demand technical SEO excellence from our partners, and we deliver on it. Our Technical SEO services comprises over 35 technical evaluation areas including mobile, site speed, security, crawling and indexation, and host server analysis.

Our technical team is best in class and has worked on both large scale international domain structures (multiple CCtlds) and large scale ecommerce websites. We stand by our technical SEO services and are a true partner when it comes to owning the actioning outcomes and ensuring all parties align to deliver against them.

Technical SEO Services

Content that fuels your SEO and wider marcomms strategy to achieve your communication objectives.

We deliver short form, long form, and campaign based content to drive engagement. Our inhouse content and digital PR teams appreciate the importance of user targeting and an understanding of their informational needs. We craft content so that it engages the right people at the right time, guiding them as they travel on a journey with your brand.

Our content marketers are experts in understanding user intent and analysing both the search landscape and competitive landscape to determine the type of content thats required to achieve a satisifed reader.

Content Marketing Agency

Partnering with you to deliver digital PR that promotes your brand and specific product or service to the right audiences, at the right time.

Our digital PR services are split across three areas; digital PR campaigns, influencer outreach, and ecommerce outreach.

As a leading SEO agency our reputation has been built on trust, so we consider search engine compliance a fundamental part of our approach to developing your brands profile. Partnering with POLARIS, you will ensure your brand has value from its PR not just today, but tomorrow as well.

Digital PR Agency

Over 350 site migrations completed. Our team of SEO Experts will manage your new site launch to minimise risk and increase SEO performance in the process.

Navigating the complexities of website migrations is paramount in safeguarding your online presence. We evaluate your reasons for migration and work with you from the very beginning, assisting you in planning the web project with SEO in mind.

Our proven 5 phase SEO migration service ensures a seamless migration that maintains and enhances your website's rankings and performance through the entire process.

SEO Site Migrations Services

Critical Success Factors for SEO performance in 2024

As a leading international SEO agency, our experts understand the best practice approach required to drive SEO performance for a business. Whether your an Ecommerce business wanting to increase online sales or a B2B technology company looking to increase demand, the following considerations will be critical to our combined success in 2024.

Behavioural Analysis

Understanding the situation that drives your ideal customer to search online is paramount to the success of an SEO campaign. We use our experience to determine exactly what interests and challenges buyers are motivated by and what informational needs they have when searching online.

Search Engine Compliance

Search Engine Optimisation is a process heavily built upon reputation. Search Engines are now looking at how a business represents itself online to give consumers confidence in transacting with them. Algorithms such as E.E.A.T and YMYL are critical to success and a core part of our service offering.

Technical Efficiency

Ensuring your destination site is efficient for users and search engine crawlers to access and experience is critical to SEO success. As users engage more and more in a fragmented way, different devices and levels of concentration are applied when experiencing search online.


  • Ecommerce SEO
  • B2B SEO

Driving customers and sales for your brand.

Our Ecommerce SEO services are designed to drive a clearly measurable increase not only in traffic and sales, but also knowledge.

We collaborate with you to educate you and your internal team on a best practice approach to all aspects of SEO. Whether its Content SEO or PR for SEO, we will guide you.

We partner with you to drive an increase in your knowledge, and SEO performance, at the same time.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Brand awareness and product engagement

Here at POLARIS, we provide B2B SEO services for businesses looking to target ideal prosects, by building strategies that boost organic traffic.

Our B2B Strategies start with a fundamental targeting exercise in which we carefully analyse your product and its application, and how it adds value to a prospects business.

We know how to present the benefits your solution provides to a prospect and how to communicate this through informative content that’s technically efficient for search engines and users alike.

B2B SEO Services
240%Average RoI experienced by a POLARIS partner

Drive Rankings, Traffic and Sales through SEO by partnering with POLARIS.

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Our Technology and Processes

Our SEO agency network consists of over 125 marketing experts across 17 countries, offering our clients a single solution for international SEO programmes.

Utilising the latest technology and tools, we put together country teams specific to your needs, covering anything from translation, technical SEO, and local market digital PR. Our proprietary reporting tool acts as a central hub for all campaign progress and updates across all countries and allows our clients to have a single resource for global analytics and reporting within the business.

Our Technology

International SEO Customer Success

The journey so far for many brands is success. POLARIS have consistently guided marketers internationally to become subject matter experts in the field of SEO within their specialist area of marketing. We call this the POLARIS effect. Read what our partners have to say about their SEO journey.

154%Increase in Page 1 Rankings

Kingsway selected POLARIS as their SEO agency to drive about company wide change. Through radical candour, and a strong ownership of SEO from initiation, POLARIS drove an increase in performance within 3 months of integration.

Our SEO Agency Experts

Our team comprises of talented, passionate marketers that come together in the field of SEO to deliver our process driven, best practice approach to SEO.

An International SEO Agency Focused on ROI

Our international SEO team spans across Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, and America. We only collaborate with people that are native to their local environments and can represent local market consumers effectively for our clients.

Our global experts all collaborate and exchange knowledge share through our internal portal, while consistently delivering local market trends and insights to our clients via our company newsletters, ensuring they derive valuable benefits.

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Experts in driving international performance through SEO.
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“On average, our client partners see a 721% increase in their investment with POLARIS.”
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The number of SEO considerations marketers need to know about in 2024

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Search Rater Quality Guidelines


  • How much does SEO cost per month?

    Agencies will usually charge a day rate based on the needs of the project, set KPIs quarterly based on this day rate and confirm with you. In most cases KPIs can be amended to suit your budget and a clear road map for progress will be provided.

  • How can I measure the performance of an SEO campaign?

    Google Analytics for traffic to the website and conversions, as well as rank tracking software to show improvements to your keywords in Google will all help in measuring the success of SEO campaigns. SEO agencies will also provide access to performance dashboards and monthly reports.

  • How do I find a reputable SEO agency?

    Agencies listed as Google Partners, the Recommended Agencies Register, BIMA Associates and other industry bodies are the best place to find reputable agencies. Many will also provide case studies, references and an insight to their work to ensure you are confident of finding the right partner.

  • How long does SEO take to start showing results?

    SEO can start showing results from within the first few weeks of a campaign being live, generally within three months a campaign should start to show a clear and obvious positive change.

  • What Work is carried out in an SEO campaign?

    SEO campaigns are generally made up of three areas - On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. Although each area has a multitude of sub-areas, they are the three core areas of SEO practice.

  • What are backlinks?

    Search engine spiders crawl websites through internal and external links. Internal links allow spiders to move through your website, external links will move spiders across domains. External links pointing to your website are called backlinks.