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At POLARIS, we have a systematic approach to doing business. We can partner with you either on a project or retainer basis, for SEO, Content, and Digital PR campaigns. We have a series of packages that you can choose from depending on your goal or budget level. Set pricing, set services, set expectations.

SEO Pricing and Packages

Offering 3 service levels for you to choose from based on your needs. At each level we offer our clients SEO strategy that's compiled using our industry leading technology and systems, all reviewed by SEO directors who have over 20 years experience in driving an increase in indexing, rankings and traffic for our clients.

Level (SME)

For businesses that simply want to increase sales or leads through a consistent, results oriented SEO campaign. Offering a dedicated mid level SEO manager (minimum 5 years experience) supported by 2 SEO strategists day to day. SME campaigns range from £3,000 - £5,000 per month.

Mid level
Strategy (SCA)

For challenger Ecommerce brands or established B2B businesses that have experience with SEO and now need a more strategic approach. Led by an Account Director supported by a client services executive, and 3 SEO strategists for day to day delivery. SCA packages range from £6,500 - £10,000 per month.

Integrated Partner (ENT)

For businesses with a significant digital footprint looking for an integrated approach. 2 - 3 Account Directors are supported by senior SEO strategists, executives, and an administrator for the day to day management and delivery of scope. ENT packages range from £12,500 - £19,500 per month.

Partner with us for a fixed objective, fixed price SEO project

As well as ongoing campaigns, we also work on SEO projects for a variety of needs. Whether you need an SEO Audit, Technical SEO services, or a website migration, we can help. Similar to our SEO campaigns we have set prices for our projects, starting from £2,450 + VAT.

Website Migration Services

Adding value to our partnership

With 15 years of experience and heritage, our business has matured in its infrastructure and methodologies. Our rates are calculated based on more than just the time committed by team members. Our rates take into consideration a number of aspects across technology, infrastructure, and experience.

  • Director led SEO Road mapping
  • SEO targets, every 90 days
  • 24/7 Account Visibility
  • Faster Insights through Technology
  • Consistent approach to SEO

Our SEO roadmaps are designed and approved by SEO directors before going into production.

Like any agency, our team consists of talented marketers that exist from assistant level to director.

The difference with POLARIS however is that all SEO roadmaps are designed and approved by an SEO director before going into production.

This means that you get the perfect mix of market leading experience with cost management on your programme with us.

Packages designed just for your business, with clear set pricing and measurable goals every quarter

Our business is designed to offer a clear, and straight forward way to engage in a partnership with an agency. Our packages have all been created to offer businesses of a variety of size and position the opportunity to invest in increasing traffic.

Because we know that SEO is a longer commitment than other channels, we identify quarterly goals and objectives, holding ourselves accountable to them. This is as much for our team as it is for yours.

We use project management platform zoho projects to give you visibility on your scope of work, and results.

Our operations and delivery sits upon the leading enterprise level software platform Zoho. With significant customisation we now utilise the business platform to manage multiple projects with ease.

The platform also allows you to access activity planned, and see how resource is being allocated, aswell as results.

We have a number of tools and technologies we have developed to enhance our SEO services.

Whether its launching a new site that requires intelligence from Sphere, our migration analysis tool, or your an ecommerce brand that wants to know why your competitors have more market share using our Kartessien Index, we can help.

Our technology has been refined over years of working with a variety of businesses, giving better value to our clients through automation.

Our business has a library of SEO templates that are followed to ensure a minimum level of excellence for your business.

Since inception, our business has utilised systematic processes to deliver works to our clients.

By introducing a template library, and training our executive team on how to use these templates for a variety of purposes, we ensure we deliver a consistent, minimum standard of SEO excellence to all our partners.

Our templates are constantly being refined in line with search engine requirements and the latest SEO strategies, so rest assured you are getting a "best in breed" service.

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