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Website Migration Checklist

As a leading SEO and content agency with over 15 years of experience, we know the intricacies of planning and executing a seamless website migration for brands.

Our experienced team has successfully completed over 1230 site migrations, giving us an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved. We know the ins and outs of a seamless migration and we are here to bring our expertise and guide marketers through this process with our site migration checklist, a tool created by our SEO experts.

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Website migrations can be a tricky business, where one wrong move could prove devastating to your site’s performance. The risk factor involved in a migration means that it’s crucial to have the know-how of an experienced team.

Our site migration checklist will guide you from the pre-migration phase all the way through to post-migration, and every step in between. Ensure a smooth transition with our detailed checklist, covering all aspects of the process.

This checklist does not guarantee a successful migration, or retention of your existing SEO performance such as ranks, traffic, leads and sales.

Ensuring a smooth launch with your new site.

"Polaris is a fantastic agency that will stick to the business' objectives & advise clients accordingly. They've shown great professionalism throughout."

The journey for many brands is success. POLARIS have consistently guided marketers to embark on site migration projects informed and confident to make the right decisions for the journey ahead. Read what our partners have to say about their experience of choosing us as their site migration agency.

2,486%ROI through Closed Won Revenue

As the exclusive SEO agency partner for Bateaux London, POLARIS were responsible for collaborating with the Bateaux London team and web agency to plan, manage and migrate the SEO equity of the business from a legacy website to a new website, on the same domain.

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Our Site Migration Experts

Our team comprises of talented, passionate marketers that come together in the field of SEO site migrations to deliver our process driven, best practice approach to launching new websites safely and successfully.

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