Starting your own business can be an exciting yet daunting experience so finding the right online marketing for your company is vital to success.

We have put together our top tips on marketing your business online to help you get started:

Optimise Your Content

Google is the most widely used search engine in the UK so you should focus on results here first. Most SEO companies in the UK will target Google as a priority but if you are looking to market your products in other countries then it is worth doing a bit of research into the most popular search engine companies there too. With the Google Penguin algorithm that was introduced in April this year, the focus on ethical SEO is more important than ever. Google are now clamping down on black hat techniques and, if you choose to use such methods, the likelihood is that your site will be thrown out before long. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to help you research and select suitable keywords for optimisation. These should then be integrated into the Meta data and copy of your site to make it as relevant as possible. For Google to rate this highly, the keywords need to be integrated as naturally as possible, i.e. sentences need to make sense, Meta titles and descriptions cannot be stuffed with keywords, etc. If you aren’t sure about trying out SEO yourself then you can hire a local SEO agency who will be able to do all the research and development for you. It is worth noting that SEO is a process and not a quick fix so it will take a little time to start seeing results.

Try PPC For Quick Results

If you want quick results while your SEO is taking shape then you can also try PPC (Pay Per Click). PPC results are those shown at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), generally in a yellow box, or down the right hand side of the page. With PPC, you will use your chosen keywords to set up a campaign. You will then bid on these keywords to appear at the top of the first SERP and the higher in the results you are, the more chance someone will click through to your site. Remember that you will pay for every click so it may give you instant results, but you need to plan your campaign carefully to ensure that you costs do not sky-rocket. It is always worth researching tips on setting up a pay per click campaign before you start as there are various styles and builds of campaigns that work best for different business models.

Be Social

Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter started out purely for socialising with friends, however, companies soon discovered the benefits of social media for boosting traffic to their site. Setting up social media profiles for business is actually a much bigger task than many people realise and most SEO companies in the UK will offer a social media service on top of their SEO packages. Within your social media profiles, you will need to include links back to your site and make the page as visually appealing as possible. You can link accounts such as Twitter and Facebook so that they automatically update every time you post on one or the other and many companies are now advertising on these platforms with paid ads such as ‘Promoted Tweets’.

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