Learn the fundamentals of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a business’ online presence. This workshop will teach you the basics of SEO, which aspects are crucial to your business and insights into trending SEO topics that will elevate your business.

POLARIS is a leading SEO agency with a team of experts that will guide you to long-term success through SEO.

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Experts in SEO

With over 15 years of experience as a leading SEO Agency , we deliver comprehensive training sessions designed to provide a simple, common-sense introduction to Search Engine Optimisation.

The course equips delegates with a practical understanding of SEO goals, core aspects crucial for business success, and insights into current hot topics essential for enhancing website SEO performance. We explore key components such as search engines, user targeting, SERPs, on page optimisation and much more. Master the fundamentals of SEO and elevate your digital presence with our expert-led training.

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How to take this course


If you’re looking to upskill your digital marketing team, our in-company training offers a tailored experience that is customised to your company’s goals and industry requirements. Our experts come into your office to deliver these customized sessions, allowing for immediate impact.


For those with busy schedules or remote work arrangements, our e-learning training is the ideal choice. It offers flexibility and convenience, without compromising on quality. Our experts are there to offer guidance virtually, with participants having access to the course for up to two months.


Public courses are for marketing individuals looking to enhance their digital marketing skills with structured, scheduled classes. This format not only allows for in-depth training, but is also a great networking opportunity with other marketing professionals that come from a variety of industries.

Who is this session for?

Our SEO fundamentals training course is tailored for Marketing Assistants, Marketing Executives and other Marketing Generalist seeking an understanding of the basics to search engine optimisation. Participants will gain simple, yet best practice concepts, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into their existing roles.

Elevate the value you bring to your business by acquiring a foundational understanding of SEO through this targeted training course.

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SEO Training at the forefront of the industry

Our leading SEO training program, supported by 15 years of experience in search engine optimization, is enriched by the training offered by POLARIS experts, the top SEO agency in London.

With a proven track record of guiding marketers through the world of SEO, our experts bring a wealth of knowledge from actively leading digital strategies for some of the world’s leading organisations. Benefit from a curriculum honed through years of hands-on experience, ensuring you receive up-to-date knowledge and simple yet effective best practice approach, essential for success.

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96%of attendees

reported a significant increase in their SEO proficiency after completing one of our training session.

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Customer Success

“POLARIS worked to identify where our leads were coming from and how to improve them. In the UK and US we achieved record numbers of leads every month and increased our conversion rate massively."

How Our Training Helps Delegates Progress

Delegates have remarked that this course has allowed them to enhance the execution of their daily responsibilities, contributing increased value to their teams. Additionally, they now possess a clearer understanding of their potential to positively impact marketing goals.

This newfound insight has not only made their work more fulfilling but has also enabled them to recognise and celebrate success by applying their knowledge and taking initiatives from an SEO perspective.

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“On average, our client partners see a 721% increase in their investment with POLARIS.”
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