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With over 10 years’ experience in organic channel growth, we are a leading B2C & B2B SEO agency that has experienced the continually changing landscape and led the way by consistently delivering SEO campaigns that outperform ranking, traffic and sales targets, year after year. We are Polaris.

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Our SEO Services

Our SEO services comprise of a series of focused areas we refer to as modules. As a Polaris client, you may require one of these modules on an ad hoc project basis such as carrying out a site migration, or you may require a combination of these modules as a part of an ongoing KPI based SEO service to improve SEO performance year on year.

Depending on your SEO requirements, we can work with you in both ways. We tailor our SEO campaigns to your specific requirements and where you need our support the most, giving you an agency partner that spends time in the places you need it, driving maximum performance and maximum value over time.

Technical SEO

Analysing your sites technical performance including Speed, Security, Integration with Google & Usability to increase performance and conversion rates.

Onsite SEO

We firstly work with you to create an SEO map for your website, upon which we then go through and optimise all content areas with User queries in mind.

Digital PR & Outreach

Ensuring your website has a healthy Domain Authority and third party exposure, we can distribute your content to our contact database of over 35,000 editors.

Content Marketing

Whether a new product launch or a campaign to increase sales, we create engaging content campaigns that drive exposure for your business.

International SEO

With Global SEO experience in over 25 countries, we can increase your exposure in a number of international markets through SEO.

Website Migration

Over 1200 site migrations and counting, our team of SEO Experts can manage your new site launch with no loss of traffic or experience.

of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users
in your market and identify their conversion paths.

Our SEO Account Process

Our agency offers talented & passionate SEO experts that utilise market leading technology, including our own SEO project management tool Bright Metrics. Combining this SEO technology with our service infrastructure allows us to work in clear, transparent way, providing scope of work plans for every month and weekly progress updates against planned tasks.

All SEO projects and campaigns are overseen by our Head of SEO and have a dedicated SEO account manager as a point of contact. We design our campaigns to work for the short term and long term, focusing on both technical and content opportunities that play to your business strengths and our capability. We also pay strong attention to search engine compliance and user experience, and provide carry out bi-weekly housekeeping checks to ensure your website is continuing to adhere to best practice.

On average, our SEO campaigns achieve a 42% increase in organic traffic for our clients within the first 6 months.

Our SEO Account Process

Our SEO Principles

Focus on End Users' NeedsTech, Content & UX based SEOOptimise all SEO Result TypesWork to Quarterly SEO KPIsProactive Account ManagementWeekly Analytics & Reporting

An SEO Agency Focused on ROI

Our SEO account managers are recruited specifically for their enthusiasm, passion, and experience in digital marketing. We then take these individuals into our own and develop their potential through personalised development plans, combining a mix of both their personal goals and the goals of the agency.

The result is having a team of fantastic digital experts that can work with our clients to drive SEO change in an ever-changing world.

Our team regularly undergo internal and external training, improving their knowledge and capabilities on SEO areas such as ecommerce SEO, algorithm compliance, and content marketing strategies.

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An SEO Agency Focused on ROI

Sectors We Service

At Polaris we have experience in working across a number of sectors. What makes us different is how we take these experiences and tailor our service to perform better within each sector. Speak to one of our sector experts or read more below.


We focus on targeting specific job functions within your target sectors, generating awareness through use cases & real world challenges, followed up with brand building campaigns to strengthen your market proposition.

Ecommerce SEO

Our eCommerce SEO services are designed to perform at the most appropriate part of your users journey, whether its at the beggining when researching, or at the end when converting.


We have helped over 300 small businesses increase their revenue through SEO campaigns. This includes Local SEO, Content Marketing and general SEO works. We keep our approach simple and our results speak for themselves.

International SEO

Our International SEO services are designed to work to the strengths of your business, identifying what local customers are looking for and how they are looking online within their local market.

Travel SEO

We drive travel researchers & holiday bookers to travel agents - tour operators in the UK & abroad. We optimise specific products and focus on content strategies that drive awareness through SEO.

Healthcare SEO

We understand that healthcare patients typically search by consultant name, symptom, diagnosis or medical treatment type. As expects in Healthcare SEO, we position your services across all of these areas for maximum exposure.

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""Polaris have been honest and realistic about the time and approach needed to get our business the digital perfomance we needed. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, we have diversified our business and can see B2C being a larger part of our revenue going forward. Great team that really are experts in their field.""
Adam BenjaminAdam BenjaminDirector, Paradox London


As experts within the SEO industry, we have taken our learnings and used them to offer useful resources that will help you plan your SEO campaigns and strategies more effectively.

Learning Corner

What is YMYL?Learn about the Google Algorithm YMYL and what it means for your SEO
Voice Search in 2020Understand the Voice Search opportunities in 2020 and how you can utilise them
Semantic Keywords Learn about how keywords relate together to form semantic keyword groups.

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Critical Factors For SEO Success

Voice Search

With users now carrying out search queries using voice search on their phones and home devices voice search cannot be ignored.

E.A.T Algorithm

Expertise, Authority, Trust. The E.A.T rating from Google's search rating guidelines applies to many websites and provides a strong basis that will assist with rankings and SEO performance in 2020.

Onsite Usability

Providing users with a clear, informative onsite experience is proven to assist in SEO performance and the average RoI of an SEO campaign.

User Led Content

Content is produced regularly by many businesses, however producing content that speaks to the needs of the user is what matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost per month?

Agencies will usually charge a day rate based on the needs of the project, set KPIs quarterly based on this day rate and confirm with you. In most cases KPIs can be amended to suit your budget and a clear road map for progress will be provided.

How can I measure the performance of an SEO campaign?

Google Analytics for traffic to the website and conversions, as well as rank tracking software to show improvements to your keywords in Google will all help in measuring the success of SEO campaigns. SEO agencies will also provide access to performance dashboards and monthly reports.

How do I find a reputable SEO agency?

Agencies listed as Google Partners, the Recommended Agencies Register, BIMA Associates and other industry bodies are the best place to find reputable agencies. Many will also provide case studies, references and an insight to their work to ensure you are confident of finding the right partner.

How long does SEO take to start showing results?

SEO can start showing results from within the first few weeks of a campaign being live, generally within three months a campaign should start to show a clear and obvious positive change.

What Work is carried out in an SEO campaign?

SEO campaigns are generally made up of three areas - On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO. Although each area has a multitude of sub-areas, they are the three core areas of SEO practice.

What are backlinks?

Search engine spiders crawl websites through internal and external links. Internal links allow spiders to move through your website, external links will move spiders across domains. External links pointing to your website are called backlinks.

What Is an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency is a business that offers the service of SEO. This allows you to hire the expertise of a full team, normally at lower cost, in order to achieve search engine results.

What do you mean by SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of ranking a website higher in Google Search Console.


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