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POLARIS are a leading consultancy guiding B2B and B2C brands worldwide on how to go to market strategically for success. Our expertise lies in having a team of analysts and strategy consultants that use their expertise to understand your objectives and where you want to be.

Go to market strategy for Ecommerce

Knowing your consumers interests, drivers, and social position allows you and your team to position your brand more effectively for market penetration. Whether you are entering a new market or looking to increase share within an existing market, we will guide you.

Our customer profiling and segmentation services start with analysing your own data, and then marrying it with third party databases to build a complete and accurate portrait of who your consumers are.

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Our team of go-to-market strategy consultants understand how growing brands need to ensure efficiency when taking a product to market. Our go to market strategy adoption programmes are designed to fit your business’ needs, taking into consideration the resource and tools you have at your disposal and realistic timeframes to achieve results.

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Our Strategy team comprises of talented, passionate marketers who specialise in crafting exceptional go to market strategies, ensuring that your business is strategically positioned for success.


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Go To Market Strategy

At POLARIS, we offer a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to providing effective go to market strategies. Our range of services include detailed market research, customer analysis and performance benchmarking.

  • Product Analysis and Market Positioning
  • Customer Analysis
  • Channel Identification
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Go To Market Strategy Playbook

Partnering with you to understand your market position, our go to market strategy consultants will create a blueprint of your product with target markets in mind.

Using our proprietary product mapping process, we will determine what your market position is and how this compares to the wider landscape you operate within.

Assessing your objectives, we will need to determine who your target customers are, where they exist online and offline, and what their informational and situational needs are.

Considering these aspects of your customers profiles, we will then be able to determine how your products and services can be positioned to relate effectively with target customers.

Utilising the ideal customer profiles we will pen in the first phase of customer analysis, we will devise a channel mix that will be evaluated for relevancy and effectiveness.

Using our unique approach to auditing all channels and evidencing them with demographic data, we will determine consumer penetration levels and how each channel will assist in the overall go to market strategy. Nurturing consumers from awareness to conversion as their progress and journey with your brand.

With the right channel mix evidence and confirmed with data to back it up, we will next use industry standards and competitive insights to benchmark performance goals to drive the go to market strategy forward.

Goals are identified at a commercial, technical, and strategic level, providing a clear strategic route to launching your products and services successfully.

Encompassing all data and learnings, we will devise a go to market strategy playbook that will be delivered into your business, guiding you through the exact process you need to follow to execute an efficient and profitable go to market strategy for your product.

Our go to market strategy consultants will brief in you and your stakeholders, and provide a go to market timeframe so that you can take the plan forward with confidence.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a go to market strategy?

    A go to market strategy plans how a product or service will be introduced, promoted, and distributed to the businesses target audience. It involves a detailed plan that considers pricing, promotion, and distribution channels to successfully bring a product or service to market.

  • What is included in a go to market strategy?

    A go to market strategy includes various factors such as, identifying your target audience, pricing strategy, product positioning and promotional tactics. Within a go to market strategy, you will effectively know how your product or service will be launched, marketed, and made available to customers.

  • What are the 5 go to market strategies?

    The 5 must common go to market strategies include product analysis, product messaging, the sales proposition, marketing strategy and the sales strategy.

  • What is a go to market strategy consulting firm?

    A go to market strategy consulting firm is a professional service that guides businesses and helps develop and optimise their plans for launching and selling their products or services. We provide expert guidance on identifying your target audience, pricing, and distribution channels.

  • Who do you help with go to market strategies?

    With over 15 years of experience, we help guide businesses in both B2B and Ecommerce with their go to market strategies. Our services are tailored to enhance your entry to market, promotion, and distribution to enhance success within your specific industry.