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Website Migration Services

Our proven SEO migration service model ensures a seamless transition that maintains and enhances your website's organic rankings and performance. From meticulous pre-migration planning to vigilant post-migration monitoring, we are dedicated to preserving and advancing your SEO equity throughout every phase of the site migration process.

  • Migration Project Planning
  • Performance Analysis & Benchmarking
  • User Journey & Content Analysis
  • User Tracking & Search Engine Compliance
  • Site Migration Works
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Post Migration Reporting

Planning the critical stages of a migration for you so that you know your in good hands entering the migration launch phase.

Often we are drafted into a web project before it has begun, so that we can manage the development of a new solution from initiation. Working from the ground up, we start by partnering with you and your development stakeholders to identify a series of project plans together.

This ensures that POLARIS can act as your SEO stakeholder from the beginning and critique every decision made with regards to the new site that will soon be launched.

Conducting a deep dive not only into your SEO performance, but all channels to determine the true value of your existing website business wide.

Our Site migration process involves a completely documented analysis process that determines what SEO and wider marketing equity needs to be retained through changeover.

We know the value of your website to your business and we document what this looks like so that we can all understand what needs to be protected as we head into the project together.

Traffic sources, statistics, conversions and values are some of the metrics documented.

Analysing your existing user journey against the proposed user journey is a critical step in ensuring performance is retained.

We will audit the performance of your existing site by evaluating both the site architecture and top performing page layouts.

By analysing both of these areas, we will be able to determine which areas of your existing experience are critical to success and how these must evolve to be maintained within the new site you aim to launch.

This is a critical phase within the site migration process that developers are not aware of and often miss.

Redirects are an important element of any migration, but this is only one technical SEO aspect of our process.

At POLARIS, our technical seo managers are experienced in auditing and integrating tracking solutions that can be migrated through changeover as a part of the site migration project.

Alongside this, we evaluate your new website to determine its ability to comply with search engine policy, ensuring its technically proficient in terms of speed, load, and accessibility too .

Guiding you and your stakeholders smoothly through launch using our tried and tested migration controls process.

During the SEO migration launch process we will assist your web development team by guiding them through the technicalities of going live to ensure that the SEO integrity is maintained, monitoring and reporting along the way during launch day.

Redirects will have been implemented and checked, but alongside these, our technical experts will monitor a number of critical aspects on changeover, including high converting landing pages, user journeys, transaction values, tracking, and general site health.

Reporting daily and weekly site performance across technical health, search engine health, and marketing performance so that you know where you stand.

After changeover it is imperative that performance is monitored in a number of areas.

On the ground, our technical SEO experts will monitor the technical performance of your new website to ensure efficiency is achieved as expected and search engines and users are able to navigate and experience the site as intended.

Commercially, we monitor transactional and lead performance to ensure business as usual, keeping you informed of our progress and giving you peace of mind on the journey so far.

Reporting on performance increases as well as performance retained, so that you can rest easy after a job well done.

We have guided many marketing stakeholders through migration to success. After every successful launch, we deliver a project summary report that details a clear before and after picture to communicate our achievements together.

Our post migration reporting is provided at two levels, ensuring that the team on the ground have the day to day insight to ensure success has been ensured, and management stakeholders can see holistically that the project was a success too.

Critical Success Factors for Website Migrations in 2024

As a leading SEO and Content Agency, our team consider critical areas of our approach when planning and executing website migrations for brands. To ensure a seamless website migration, the following considerations will be critical to our combined success in 2024.


Analysing the strengths of your current website is critical to knowing what must be retained through migration at all costs. Having this visibility is critical to a site migration project running successfully.


With crawlers and users looking to find core parts of your site quickly, it is essential your site structure offers ease of use. Further, international or language tagging is essential for global sites.

& UX

Whether it is UX, voice, image reading or Alt tags – accessibility is becoming increasingly important to technical SEO. In 2022 it is essential to ensure your site is usable to all.

Migration Types

  • Replatforming Migration
  • Rebrand & Domain Name Migration
  • Content Migration
  • Global Site Migration

Replatforming is one of the most common reasons for launching a new site.

We have worked with many ecommerce retailers, and B2B businesses that have moved from one platform to another.

Whether your an ecommerce business thats currently on woocommerce wanting to migrate to shopify, or a B2B business wanting to build and launch your new website in salesforce, we can help.

We have experience of all major platforms and specific migration checklists that our team follow to ensure a thorough approach.

Our team have experience with salesforce commerce cloud, shopify, woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Adobe commerce, netsuite, SAP, Oracle, Clarity, Evo x and Volusion.

Going through a rebrand has significant digital consequences if your brand equity is not managed correctly.

The order in which your rebrand migration and wider business processes to bring your new brand to life is critical to the success of the rebrand.

Is it critical to ensure that a very specific process is followed and that search engine notifications are made at the right time to tell search engines of your brand changing and the destination website moving locations.

PR activity also hinges on the success of your migration, and so its imperative that your site migration partner can manage many moving parts and teams all working to the same goal. This is where POLARIS comes in.

Adding or removing pages, consolidating content and adding new language variations to improve the overall user experience of your brand.

We can guide you on how to increase the efficiency of your new site by evaluating the performance of your content and creating new content that performs better.

Considering your users needs, we guide you on how to position your content with their intent in mind, so that we not only migrate content that's critical to drive conversions, but also ensure that your content is in the right format to progress users through your customer journey.

Migrating a global site that targets multiple markets requires a phased migration strategy to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity.

We know that we have to keep the business going whilst we are launching your new site. Partnering with you to evaluate your high value markets, we will create a site migration roadmap which mitigates risk by handling your global site migration project in set phases.

This approach has been used by our technical seo managers to help brands launch global sites successfully with minimal disruption.

93%of online experiences begin with a search engine.

We effectively analyse users in your market and identify their conversion paths.

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Project Managing your Web Project

Our account management candence is driven by a desire to communicate openly and honestly. As your SEO agency, it is our responsibility to keep you up to date on the progress we are making throughout the migration and the challenges we need to overcome together to drive success.

We have a unique Relationship & Results model that we use to determine the health of our partnerships, and we measure activity on the ground to quantify deliverables and performance along the way.

About Us

The journey for many brands is success. POLARIS have consistently guided marketers to embark on site migration projects informed and confident to make the right decisions for the journey ahead. Read what our partners have to say about their experience of choosing us as their site migration agency.

2,486%ROI through Closed Won Revenue

As the exclusive SEO agency partner for Bateaux London, POLARIS were responsible for collaborating with the Bateaux London team and web agency to plan, manage and migrate the SEO equity of the business from a legacy website to a new website, on the same domain.

25Custom datalayer variables for ABM campaign GA4 tracking

Our Site Migration Experts

Our team comprises of talented, passionate marketers that come together in the field of SEO site migrations to deliver our process driven, best practice approach to launching new websites safely and successfully.

Proven technical expertise evidenced with results.

"Polaris is a fantastic agency that will stick to the business' objectives & advise clients accordingly. They've shown great professionalism throughout."
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Site Migration SEO Checklist

Website Migration FAQs

  • What is website migration?

    A website migration refers to the process of moving a website from one web hosting environment or platform to another. This could involve changing hosting providers, switching domain names, or even redesigning and restructuring the website. Website migrations are often done to improve performance, security, or functionality.

  • How long does a website migration take?

    Before initiating a migration, it's essential to be aware of the following requirements and service limitations. While the majority of migrations are typically completed within 2-3 weeks, larger projects may require more time, our expert migration team will be on hand to advise with this. Your current website must remain operational throughout the migration, and any changes made to the site after migration approval will not be reflected in the migrated content. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.

  • How do I prepare for a website migration?

    Before your website migration, our team conducts a comprehensive Website SEO migration audit. This audit involves a thorough evaluation of your existing website's performance, including factors such as rankings, technical aspects like speed and page load times. By benchmarking these statistics, we can provide a basis for comparison and report on the impact of the migration once it's completed.

  • What to do after website migration?

    After your website migration, our team takes the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition. We closely monitor and inspect search engine indexes, rankings, and organic traffic levels to minimize any potential losses and provide complete transparency on your website's performance. Additionally, we verify that all tracking and third-party scripts and tools are functioning as required, guaranteeing that your business reaps the intended SEO benefits from the website migration.