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Auditing your SEO performance for you

With over 15 years experience as a leading SEO Agency, our team of SEO experts conduct SEO audits that not only uncover SEO opportunities to drive more traffic, but also provide you with the competitive and landscape insights to evidence our recommendations.

What's included in an SEO audit?

Our SEO Audits are led by our core principle of ensuring that websites comply with search engine policy. We will audit your current website, and search engine performance independently and against key competitors across Technical SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO factors.

Alongside these 3 pillars of SEO, we will audit your SEO performance using our proprietary search engine compliance criteria, taking all learnings and data to then deliver a set of recommendations and a strategic SEO activity roadmap to increase your performance

305%average increase

in organic traffic following implementation of a POLARIS SEO Audit.

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Auditing SEO performance internationally

Our global team of SEO experts carry out SEO audits across a variety of territories, including the UK, Europe and North America.

If you’re a global business and you want an SEO strategy to enter new markets or strengthen your position in existing markets, an SEO audit will be a good first step.

International SEO Services

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Our team comprises of SEO Managers, Technical SEO analysts, and On Page SEO experts that will audit your performance in every area of SEO.


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SEO Audit Services

At POLARIS, our SEO audit services are designed to increase your online presence. We use a suite of services tailored to your business objectives. We evaluate your websites performance, content and keywords using our thorough market research and analysis.

  • On Page SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Off Page SEO Audit
  • Search Engine Compliance Audit
  • Ecommerce SEO Audit

We will audit the SEO performance of your main landing pages, typically comprising of your home page, category or solution pages, and editorial / knowledge centres.

Our purpose is to determine the onsite SEO effectiveness in its current form, and using our internal on page scoring tool, our SEO audit service will determine a page score for each page audited, and a list of activities to improve each score further.

A strong technical foundation is required to allow search engines and users to access and understand your website content with ease.

Our Technical SEO managers will audit your technical SEO performance from the hardware that supports your hosting architecture to the HTML to Text ratio of your key landing pages.

A full technical crawl is conducted, which is analysed and reported on as a part of our SEO audit services.

Off Page SEO refers to the strength of your backlink profile and the associations your website has from other sources on the web.

Our Digital PR Managers are experts in conducting Off Page audits to determine the health of your backlink profile, toxicity of any domains, and competitor insights.

Our SEO audit will provide you with a roadmap to produce content that generates earned backlink placements to strengthen your backlink profile and increase the domain authority of your website. An important aspect of SEO for ecommerce and retail websites that compete in competitive search engine auctions.

As search engine algorithms mature it is our responsibility to focus on the needs of a user and lead you to understand what search engines are looking for from your website.

Our team of SEO experts familiarise themselves with the latest guidelines from search engines, to ensure we are always up to date and how this relates back to positioning your website to comply with search engine policy.

Whether its E.E.A.T (expertise, experience, authority and trust) or YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), we will audit your performance and guide you forward on your SEO Journey.

Ecommerce SEO audits are conducted with a number of key aspects in mind, including programmatic SEO.

When auditing an ecommerce website with a large product catalogue, we conduct our audits with scalable SEO strategies in mind. As your SEO partner, we will advise you on a best practice approach to scaling your SEO performance by utilising technology and automation, working across various departments within your business to align everyone to the purpose of SEO.

SEO Audit for Dune London

“We were extremely impressed with POLARIS, the focus on the Dune business, your knowledge and rigor in approaching technical elements through the SEO audit.”

At POLARIS, our tailored strategies have transformed businesses and improved online visibility and performance. Explore testimonials from our partners as they share their experiences and successes.

38%Increase in Revenue

Dune London selected POLARIS as their SEO agency to drive about company wide change. Through radical candour, and a strong ownership of SEO from initiation, POLARIS drove an increase in performance within 3 months of integration.

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Frequently asked questions

Discuss your SEO
  • What is an SEO audit?

    An SEO audit is an evaluation of a websites search engine optimisation performance in a particular search engine, such as The purpose of an SEO audit is to determine the current strengths and opportunities that can be capitalised on, and how a website may compare to other websites that are competing for the same traffic or customers from the search engines organic page results.

  • How much does an SEO audit cost?

    The cost of an SEO audit can vary depending on how many websites you require auditing, how many products and services, and how many target search engines. At POLARIS, we will provide you with an estimate low – high cost range quotation of your SEO audit, providing you with a breakdown of the work involved and what you will receive for your investment.

  • Can we complete the work ourselves from the audit?

    Yes, with the right resource and understanding you can. Many marketing managers are able to take our SEO audits and then have works carried out using internal resource for integration. Others that do engage POLARIS on an ongoing SEO retainer to assist with the ongoing effort.

  • Do we need POLARIS after the SEO audit is complete?

    Depending on the level of complexity (often technical), clients who have received an audit roadmap are able to work through each item logically with a developer and marketing team resource.

  • What period of scope / actions come as a result of your SEO audit?

    Our SEO audits can deliver top line recommendations for 12 months, broken down into 4 quarterly sprints of focus. We deliver a full roadmap for the first 2 quarters, and then suggest a review meeting when you arrive toward to end of the first 2 quarters to plan the remainder. The reason for this is that the integration may take longer than 6 months, and within this time the search landscape will also evolve, as will the competitors that rank around you, and also the genetics of your website. With so many moving parts, touching base at 6 months is a more efficient way of ensuring that further works carried out are relevant and accurate for your business, rather than planning a full 12 months in advance and some of the tasks being irrelevant due to change.