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B2B Content Marketing Services

At the core of any B2B digital strategy is your content. Having a communications strategy requires an expert understanding of your brand, market position, and target customers' needs in order to connect your B2B business successfully with the prospect through content.

At POLARIS, we produce B2B content that focuses on your product and the value it brings a prospects business, focusing precisely on what your audience needs when exploring solutions for the business challenges they aim to overcome.

B2B Content Strategies That Connect With Customers

B2B Content requires careful planning and consideration before production commences. In a digital age where brands compete for prospects click and onsite attention, marketers have to ensure that the right content is planned and the genetics of each piece of content resonates and satisfies a target prospect online.

Many B2B companies choose to partner with POLARIS because of our ability to profile B2B buyers and create content strategies that focus on real world use cases that mean your brands content and messaging resonates with their personal experience and situation.

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3xaverage increase

Marketers that partner with POLARIS see a 3x increase in onsite engagement

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B2B Content Strategies Taking Prospects From Awareness To Conversion

A content strategy starts with an understanding of what your business performance looks like right now, and where your competitors are excelling that we can learn from.

We will take your objectives and build a B2B content marketing strategy that fuels the digital growth of your brand online, so that you can target your customers at all phases of the customer lifecycle from awareness to conversion.

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Based in London, our team of B2B content marketing experts have experience in creating content strategies and SEO campaigns for a variety of businesses globally.


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Top Tips for Creating a Successful B2B Content Marketing Strategy

B2B Content Marketing Services

Our expert team comprises of leading B2B content strategists and content writers that have written for a variety of industries and sectors from SaaS to professional services. We know that we have to tailor and build knowledge centre content to attract prospects and funnel them through to you solution pages.

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Creating a B2B Content marketing strategy requires an excellent understanding of your Ideal Customer Profiles.

Once you’ve identified them, marrying these profiles with search landscape data to determine which aspects of a prospects search intent is relevant to your business.

Connecting the data points in the right way results in a highly targeted pool of traffic that land onsite and engage with your brand through your knowledge centre and solution pages. This is what we do at POLARIS, for a variety of B2B companies in London and beyond.

Building a content marketing strategy requires an understanding of your prospect's situational analysis.

For SaaS startups and scale ups, we apply our search landscape and competitor audit process to fill gaps in your knowledge that you may not know exist.

We help build use case content that then determines what a content strategy will look like from quarter to quarter for your SaaS business. Our approach has helped many SaaS and tech companies looking to challenge established brands as well as create new markets through innovation and technology.

As a leading SEO agency, we appreciate the value a content strategy adds to an overall SEO programme.

We appreciate the importance of having content for creating awareness, and for assisting users to convert, through category or solution pages onsite. Not only does content for SEO have to be useful for the user, but it also has to comply with search engine algorithms too.

We know what search engines are looking for when evaluating your website content and can guide you on how to strategically improve the performance of your content online, maximising your online engagement and visibility.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy for Reachdesk

“POLARIS did a great job, prompt in turnaround, made us a priority and explained the changes to non-technical members, gave us great confidence in your ability”

B2B Content Marketing Case Studies

    Content Marketing is at the core of our business and we are proud to have delivered award winning content for our clients. Take a look below for examples of content strategy from our team.

    2400 %Increase in leads generated through SEO

    POLARIS partnered with AMTEC to increase leads for their main sector generic categories, and also increase coverage for specific brands and models.

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    118 %avg increase in rankings
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    “On average, our client partners see a 721% increase in their investment with POLARIS.”
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    Frequently asked questions

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    • Do you partner with Fintech SaaS companies that are looking for a B2B content marketing agency?

      Yes, we have partnered with a number of financial technology companies that have required an agency that can offer a content solution comprising of excellent researchers and writers to understand the intricacies of their financial product and the benefits for a prospect.

    • Do you partner with Martech SaaS companies that are looking for a SaaS content marketing agency?

      Yes, we have experience in partnering with a variety of marketing technology companies such as Reachdesk who require a diligent, experienced content marketing partner to take their proposition to market.