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Driving Valuable Leads through B2B SEO

With over 10 years agency experience in driving B2B leads, we are an expert B2B SEO Agency specialising in creating custom B2B SEO strategies that act as your digital go-to-market strategies, putting your product in front of your target users, at every relevant opportunity.

We target and educate both influencers and decision makers, providing them with content that answers their business challenges and creates an opportunity for your product to become a need. We take your history and experience and utilise this to nurture prospects, educating them over time and as a result turning them into leads through your website.

We apply a holistic approach to B2B SEO, and consider content marketing and digital PR critically effective areas that all come together to drive positive RoI for all of our agency clients.

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Our B2B SEO Services

Our B2B SEO strategies focus on identifying the best targets to market your business to, based on your business goals. We increase your brands exposure by targeting prospects by sector, company, job function and role. We utilise product content such as use cases, and we leverage educational pieces such as whitepapers to seed your branded content online with relevant media partners.

This process allows our award-winning agency team to utilise our core B2B SEO skills to position your brand to expose your offering to target audiences, educating them on your existence, expertise and solutions. We also run complimentary LinkedIn campaigns, and create optimised video content to increase engagement and drive users through your funnel to a final action such as a demo request or free trial. As a leading B2B SEO Agency, have experience in working with tech companies, professional services, construction and media.

ABM Campaigns

A highly personalised strategic marketing approach that specifically focuses on an account/accounts using insight-driven marketing that drives results.

Onsite SEO

We firstly work with you to create an SEO map for your website, upon which we then go through and optimise all content areas with User queries in mind.

Digital PR & Outreach

Ensuring your website has a healthy Domain Authority and third party exposure, we can distribute your content to our contact database of over 35,000 editors.

Content Marketing

Whether a new product launch or a campaign to increase sales, we create engaging content campaigns that drive exposure for your business.

International SEO

With Global SEO experience in over 15 countries, we can increase your exposure in a number of international markets through SEO.

Website Migration

Over 1200 site migrations and counting, our team of SEO Experts can manage your new site launch with no loss of traffic or experience.

of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users
in your market and identify their conversion paths.

Our SEO Account Process

At Polaris, B2B SEO is our primary craft, and where we began 10 years ago. Working with the likes of Bureau Van Dijk & Thomson Reuters, we quickly mastered the unique approach that gives our B2B Clients the results they achieve today.

Our dedicated B2B SEO agency experts understand the key elements of a B2B business, including the longer buying cycles, the need to make potential buyers aware, and the need to educate over multiple touchpoints through content marketing over time.

We work with you to harness your communications and present them in as many relevant ways and locations as possible online, all directed at the specific users that will find value in buying into your B2B proposition.

Whether you are a seasoned brand or a new entrant, we can work with you to connect your offering with your market, driving leads of value, over time.

Our SEO Account Process

Our B2B SEO Principles

Experts in B2B Lead GenSaas, Tech, & Services SEOHolistic Approach inc LinkedinB2B Competitor Analysis Proactive Account ManagementWeekly Market Analytics

A B2B SEO Agency Focused on ROI

Our B2B SEO agency comprises of specialist Account Directors and SEO Managers that are multiskilled across technical and content-based SEO strategies.

With experience across Saas, Martech, Fintech, Service Businesses, Hospitality & Events our team are well versed to drive leads and performance over time.

All team members stay abreast of the latest SEO trends, and B2B sales & marketing strategies such as ABM (account based marketing), and enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise within the team and wider SEO community.

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A B2B SEO Agency Focused on ROI

Sectors We Service

At polaris we have experience in working across a number of sectors. What makes us different is how we take these experiences and tailor our service to perform better within each sector. Speak to one of our sector experts or read more below.


Working with tech start ups to establised Saas platforms, we are experts in understanding the value your tech solution brings to a client and how to convey this to them.

Learning & Development

As experts in training ourselves, we understand how to drive delegates onto public schedules and also generate incompany training leads.

Corporate Hospitality

We work with venue managers to diversify the use of a venue and increase revenue through meeting room, conference, gala and corporate party event bookings.

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""Polaris have been honest and realistic about the time and approach needed to get our business the digital performance we needed. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, we have diversified our business and can see B2C being a larger part of our revenue going forward. Great team that really are experts in their field.""
Adam BenjaminAdam BenjaminDirector, Paradox London


As experts within the SEO industry, we have taken our learnings and used them to offer useful resources that will help you plan your SEO campaigns and strategies more effectively.

Learning Corner

International SEO - Website StructureUnderstand the 3 ways you can setup your international website structure for SEO.
Semantic Keywords Learn about how keywords relate together to form semantic keyword groups.
Voice Search in 2020Understand the Voice Search opportunities in 2020 and how you can utilise them

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Critical Factors For SEO Success

Gated Content

Offering downloadable whitepapers, expert integration briefs and so on allows potential buyers to engage with your brands expertise and product offering in exchange for their data.

Use Cases

Understanding the business challenges your product overcomes will help in connecting your offering to target users through SEO. Use Cases are an excellent way to do this.

Video Content

Utilising video for explainer videos, demos, or brand building pieces are a very easy way to allow users to engage with your brand onsite.

Tracking & Analytics

Tracking a users progress from prospect to lead is critical in understanding the marketing value chain and SEOs true benefit overall.

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George GaultL&D, Martech, E-Commerce, EventsGeorge GaultAsk George
Amo SokhiB2B, Retail, SaaS, WholesaleAmo SokhiAsk Amo
Jon DartnellSME, Retail, Travel, Professional ServicesJon DartnellAsk Jon

B2B SEO Agency FAQs

What's the Difference Between B2B and B2C SEO?

B2B SEO focuses solely on the B2B market, whilst there are overlaps in approach, there are differences in how an agency will approach customers, buying cycles and search queries. Any SEO campaign will be tailored to the needs of an individual business.

Why is SEO Important to B2B Marketing?

SEO is an important marketing channel for any industry, including B2B. Being visible to buyers and potential customers as they are searching for your product online can have a huge impact on overall SEO success.

Does B2B SEO work for all B2B industries?

Yes B2B SEO can impact all industries positively. The differences in SEO performance will come within competition levels and routes to positive ranking, and are more related to time-span of campaign, than the possibility of success.

Does B2B SEO include LinkedIn marketing?

B2B SEO focuses on search engine optimisation on the website, but can be used to support messaging and branding within LinkedIn campaigns. Landing page optimisation is where the most natural overlap in this work will be seen.

Does Account Based Marketing fit into SEO?

SEO and ABM work well together when considering data for target users. The factors behind this include engagement with highly searched content and ranking for supporting terms of ABM campaigns.

Does B2B SEO Drive Leads?

The overall target of a B2B SEO campaign is to increase leads into a business, this done through first increasing rankings and traffic to a website. Higher rankings and more traffic for the right keywords, should create more leads into the business.


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