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Our B2B SEO Services

With over 15 years agency experience in driving B2B leads, we are an expert B2B SEO Agency specialising in creating custom B2B SEO strategies that act as your digital go-to-market strategies, putting your product in front of your target users, at every relevant opportunity.

  • B2B SEO Strategy
  • Onsite SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital PR & Outreach
  • Demand Generation

Absorbing your business goals, we will understand your current position and then define a specific, KPI based SEO strategy to increase traffic to your site.

A B2B SEO strategy is reliant on a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is, what pain they are experiencing, and what they desire to overcome this pain.

We mine this data piecing together an SEO strategy that clearly targets your ideal customers based on their needs, culminating in a full service SEO strategy that shapes your digital message to convert visitors online.

B2B SEO Strategy

We know that B2B prospects start their journey within knowledge centres, learning about you and your product before travelling through to solution pages.

We use our onsite SEO techniques and strategies to determine what content needs to exist within your knowledge centre, and how it can be developed to provide prospects with the information they need to satisfy their search.

We optimise solution pages to clearly communicate the value your product offers a prospect if they were to engage with you, positioning your brand as the go to solution.

Onsite SEO Services

Our Technical SEO starts with assessing your B2B website from a desktop first perspective.

Technical SEO is paramount in ensuring your B2B website is accessible and efficient for search engines and users alike.

We have a systematic approach to conducting technical audits, resulting in a series of actionable insights being reported and fed into your developers for integration. Where integration is not possible, we support integration through our internal team for CMS based enhancements, and development partners for code-based changes.

Technical SEO Services

Without the right intelligence, producing content is challenging. We gather the data your content team need and support you in the creation of it too.

Whether its a buyers guide or a series of insight pieces showcasing customer success, we know how to expose your brand through content.

Our team of content marketers, copywriters, and B2B marketers build content strategies that will increase awareness for your brand at the top of the funnel, leading prospects on a journey where they can educate themselves on the value you offer their business.

Content Marketing Services

Supporting your internal or PR Agency is paramount to a scalable B2B SEO strategy, particularly when targeting multiple markets.

To scale your SEO performance your digital authority must develop. Being recognised by B2B technology directories is part of the equation, but getting real reach in front of prospects is the ultimate objective.

By connecting our SEO intelligence with our media database, we are able to support you in getting coverage offsite for your brand. With your proprietary data, we can put together a Content & PR strategy to promote your brand online for success.

Digital PR Services

Generating demand requires a deep understanding of your customers pains and desires, positioning your product using language prospects understand.

When we partner with you, we will be partnering not only with your central marketing team, but also your content team, regional teams, PR team, and Product Managers too.

We align all internal stakeholders so that we can build a matrix of what an ICP looks like and use this to create a demand generation strategy for your business.

Demand Generation Agency

Critical Success Factors for SEO performance in 2024

We have worked with a variety of B2B companies, all that want to increase their SEO performance with a dedicated partner. Our 360 approach to B2B SEO has spanned across many sectors internationally, driving performance for partners in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and America. As a B2B company looking to increase demand, the following considerations will be critical to our combined success in 2024.


Offering downloadable whitepapers, expert integration briefs and so on allows potential buyers to engage with your brands expertise and product offering in exchange for their data.

Use Case Content

Understanding the business challenges your product overcomes will help in connecting your offering to target users through SEO. You must connect with Product Managers to get this intel.

Tracking & Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics 4 is now critical in measuring the success of your B2B SEO and Demand Generation strategy. Talk to our expert Technical SEO team about your tracking solution.

B2B Sectors

  • Technology & SaaS
  • Hospitality & Events
  • Learning & Development
  • Coffee Supplies & Beverages
  • Manufacturing & Wholesaling

Technology & SaaS

Working with tech start ups to established SaaS platforms, we are experts in understanding the value your tech solution brings to a client and how to convey this to them so that they get in touch to find out more.

Technology and SaaS

Hospitality & Events

Driving enquiries for all types of events from corporate meetings to annual events, we have experience in driving corporate booking leads for a variety of venues across the UK.

Hospitality and Events

Learning & Development

Identifying and nurturing both decision makers that hold budget for internal training needs, and delegates that are searching for a course themselves, we have a two tier targeting approach that works.

Learning and Development

Coffee Supplies & Beverages

We partner with coffee supplies and beverage companies to strategically enhance online visibility, driving targeted traffic to your site and positioning your brand ahead of the competition.

Coffee Supplies & Beverages

Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Delivering expert SEO solutions tailored to your needs, whether optimising for machinery, products or bulk distribution, our expertise ensures increased online visibility and awareness.

Wholesalers and Manufacturers

B2B SEO Case Studies

Our experience stems from partnering with global leaders since 2009. Read about the success our partners have achieved and what you could achieve with POLARIS.

50%Increase in Rankings

As the exclusive SEO agency partner for Sodexo sports and leisure in the UK, POLARIS were responsible for collaborating with the Sodexo London team and web agency to plan, manage and migrate the SEO equity of the business from a legacy website to a new website, on the same domain.

41%Increase on Average On-Site Page Time
65%Increase in Rankings

Our B2B SEO team

Our B2B SEO agency team comprises of talented, passionate marketers that enjoy working with B2B brands.

2400%Average RoI experienced by a POLARIS partner

Gain best practice knowledge and drive growth by partnering with POLARIS.

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increase in leads are achieved by POLARIS B2B Clients within the first 12 months of an SEO partnership

Read our definitive guide to


SEO for Marketers in 2024. A dedicated resource to guide all levels of marketer to SEO success.

B2B SEO - the critical role of content

Demographic Profiling and Search Behaviour

Driving a higher RoI because we understand your customers.

B2B SEO requires marketers to have a clear understanding of who a target customer is and what their needs are that drive them online. At POLARIS, our agency approach is led by a customer profiling exercise to determine what typical behaviour looks like, so that we can position your brand at the right place, at the right time, online.

We marry your performance data with our own profiling data gathered from working on SEO campaigns since 2009. Coupling these data points means that we have a unique approach to directing SEO campaigns which result in a higher RoI for our partners.

Consumer Insights Agency

POLARIS is the B2B SEO Agency of choice for organisations that are serious about growth.

"Polaris are great to work with and help to create a collaborative and innovative SEO environment within which to work."

Theo Rogers, Digital Marketing Manager, Sodexo

Sodexo Live Case Study

Our Strategy for Driving B2B Demand

Through B2B SEO and content, we target and educate both influencers and decision makers that are in market for your product. We provide them with content that answers their business challenges and creates an opportunity for your product to become a need in that moment.

We take your history and experience and utilise this to nurture your prospects, educating them over time and as a result generating demand for you through your website.

We apply a holistic approach to B2B SEO, and consider content marketing and digital PR critically effective areas that all come together to drive positive RoI for all of our agency clients.

This process allows our award-winning agency team to utilise our core B2B SEO skills to position your brand to expose your offering to target audiences, educating them on your existence, expertise and solutions.

We also run complimentary LinkedIn campaigns, and create optimised video content to increase engagement and drive users through your funnel to a final action such as a demo request or free trial.

As a leading B2B SEO Agency, have experience in working with tech companies, professional services, construction and media.

Demand Generation for B2B
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  • What's the difference between B2B and B2C SEO?

    B2B SEO focuses solely on the B2B market, whilst there are overlaps in approach, there are differences in how an agency will approach customers, buying cycles and search queries. Any SEO campaign will be tailored to the needs of an individual business.

  • Why is SEO important to B2B marketing?

    SEO is an important marketing channel for any industry, including B2B. Being visible to buyers and potential customers as they are searching for your product online can have a huge impact on overall SEO success.

  • Does B2B SEO work for all B2B industries?

    Yes B2B SEO can impact all industries positively. The differences in SEO performance will come within competition levels and routes to positive ranking, and are more related to time-span of campaign, than the possibility of success.

  • Does B2B SEO include LinkedIn marketing?

    B2B SEO focuses on search engine optimisation on the website, but can be used to support messaging and branding within LinkedIn campaigns. Landing page optimisation is where the most natural overlap in this work will be seen.

  • Does Account Based Marketing fit into SEO?

    SEO and ABM work well together when considering data for target users. The factors behind this include engagement with highly searched content and ranking for supporting terms of ABM campaigns.

  • Does B2B SEO Drive Leads?

    The overall target of a B2B SEO campaign is to increase leads into a business, this done through first increasing rankings and traffic to a website. Higher rankings and more traffic for the right keywords, should create more leads into the business.