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“Not Provided” Keywords in Analytics

10 SEO & ASO Myths Debunked for 2016

3 Steps to Building Successful Location Based SEO Campaigns

3 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Improve Your SEO

3 Ways to Enhance Your Landing Pages

3 ways to increase your Brand Awareness

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4 Ways Ads Can Affect Your Site

4 Ways To Link Build In A Post Covid World

5 Essential B2B SEO and Marketing Tools You Need To Use

5 signs your Google Shopping campaign isn’t working as good as it could

5 Top Tips for Optimising Google Base

7 steps to take before launching a website

9 Digital Marketing Mistakes Healthcare Practices Should Avoid in 2016

A Great Prezzy – How to Poo at Work

A simple Guide to On-Page work

Adapting Your Online Games Store’s SEO Strategy To New User Trends This Christmas

Additional Results From 1st Rank Sites

Advertisers: Soon you can add prices to your ads!

Advertisers: Soon you can Import Call Conversion Data Into AdWords

Adwords Location Extension Now Shows Star Ratings

AI and citations – How would this work?

AI-Driven SEO for B2B Excellence: Your Guide to Success

All you need to know about Content Marketing

All you need to know about Core Web Vitals and SEO Rankings!

Amazon Dash Button Vs E-Commerce SEO

An Eye Into The Real World Of Search

Analyse Your Link Profile and Avoid Penalties

Analysing the Competition: Part 1

Analysing the Competition: Part 2

Analysing the Competition: Part 3

Are We Moving On From Google?

Are You A Parent? Google Wants To Know

Are You New To PPC? Try These Ideas To Improve Your Campaigns

ASOS: A New Strategy for E-Commerce SEO

Aspects of SEO you need to consider in 2021 for your B2B strategy

Automation in SEO

B2B SEO activity in Q4 – What does this typically look like for a tech / SaaS company?

B2B SEO Strategy – The Power of Content

B2B SEO vs. B2C SEO Strategies

b2b SEO: tracking leads through a multi-channel marketing strategy

Back to School – Structure Your SEO Campaigns with Knowledge and Don’t Forget the Basics

Basket Abandonment – Remarketing Tips & Tools

Beat the Competition with Great Content

Beginner’s Guide to Digital PR Metrics

Beginner’s Guide to PPC Metrics

Beginner’s Guide to SEO metrics

Benefits of integrated SEO and PR

Benefits of SEO Marketing: Unlocking the Power of SEO

Best B2B Social Media Strategies for Growth

Best Practices For E-Commerce SEO

Best Use Of Search Finalists!

Bing Ads Launches Data Visualisation Tool For Marketers

Bing offers schools a safe search option

Black Friday 2016: Last minute SEO checks for Ecommerce

Black Friday Search Trends – Are We Shopping More Online?

Blippar Challenges Google: Will It Be The Visual Search Engine We’ll Be Using in 2017?

Bounce Rate: What Is It? How do i Reduce It?

Branded SEO – Getting It Right

Breaking Into The Creative Industry

Building a Mobile First SEO Strategy

Building Pages with User Intent in Mind

Building your Twitter Following

Calculating an SEO Budget

Capitalise on Christmas like a brand

Celebrating National Apprentice Week

Celebrity Endorsements on Instagram

ChatGPT’s Impact on the Digital World

Chocolates campaign

Close More Leads with These B2B Email Marketing Techniques

CMS Migrations for Marketing Managers

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid In B2B Marketing

Considering an International SEO Strategy?

Content Marketers Vs SEO

Content Marketing & Outreach –Increasing Response rate

Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Marketers – September Focus   

Content Targeting – everything you need to know to enhance how your business ranks in Google

Conversion tracking – what and why?

Copywriting for SEO

Create a Perfect Blog for your Company

Creating Unique Content

Data Driven Travel SEO Campaigns: Why Structure is Key

Destination Searches for Travel SEO

Determining Keyword Relevance

Did Google Predict the Results of the Election?

Differences Between PPC and SEO


Diversity & Inclusion Project with Imperial College London

Dune London appoints POLARIS, the pure play SEO agency for its strategic SEO partner in 23/24

Dune London: Our SEO Partnership

Duplicate Content on Large Scale travel Websites

Duplicate Content Penalty: Debunking the Myth

E-A-T guidelines for improving your SEO

E-Commerce Retailers – What Will Google’s Buy Now Button Mean For You?

E-Commerce SEO: Amazon Firefly Raises The Bar For Online Retail

E-Commerce SEO: Forget Christmas & Optimise for Easter

E-Commerce SEO: Link Building For Sports Equipment Retailers

Ecommerce SEO – The 10 Commandments

Ecommerce Site Migrations and Replatforming Checklist

Ecommerce: A Complete Guide to Selling Online

Effect of Budget Increase on Your SEO

Effects of the Google PPC Update

Email Marketing for B2B

Email Marketing: Creating Great Emails

Emily Joins The Team

Engaging Technical SEO into Broad Campaigns

Enhance Your PPC Campaigns With Conversion Rate Optimisation

Essential E-Commerce Checklist For SEO

Essential Project Teams For A Successful Website Migration

EU referendum search habits

Expand Your eCommerce SEO

Expanded text ads are now live!

Ezine Increases Minimum Word Count

Fifty Shades of SEO

Finding Targeted Twitter Followers

Five B2B SEO Trends to Consider in 2017

Five SEO Trends for 2019

Five Top Tips on SEO Behind a New Site Launch

Five Twitter Rules Brands Can Swear By

Fotor – Photo Collage App

Four SEO Essentials for Local Businesses in 2017

Frameworks and Programming Languages – What you need to know

From Deckchairs to Digital Marketing: Brighton SEO 

Funny Infographics

Futuristic Tube Train Coming To London?

GDPR Checklist for Businesses

Genuine SEO Agencies Charge For Time

Get to Page Two with just On Page SEO

Getting Rich Cards Right – Google Expansion Means They’re Here to Stay

Getting The Most Out Of Search Console: 5 Things You Can Do In Google Search Console That Will Improve Your Search Presence

Getting to Know the Next Generation of Google Analytics

Going Global: How to Optimise Your Website for International SEO

Google Accused of Ad-Targeting Algorithm Discrimination

Google Ads updates on phrase and broad modifier matches

Google Adwords introduce expanded text ads

Google Answers FAQs on New Top Level Domains

Google assistant – How Will This Affect SEO and PPC Campaigns?

Google breaks own paid links guideline

Google Files for “Facial Password” Patent

Google Highlights Information Gathering Users

Google Hiring SEO Account Manager

Google Increases Mobile Search Share

Google Is Testing An Ad Format That Lets Prospects Message You!

Google Launches Mobile Friendly Tag For PPC Ads

Google Launches the #MobileMadness Campaign

Google Market Share Down for October

Google Merchant updates: All you need to know!

Google Penguin 4.0

Google Penguin Refresh Is Still Months Away

Google Penguin Update – What It Means

Google Plans To Stop Emoji Symbols In SERPS

Google Privacy Policy ‘Unlawful’

Google Releases Penguin 1.1 Update

Google Rolls Out AdWords Update

Google SERPS – Blended Results

Google Still No. 1 Search Engine

Google tests SERP Changes

Google To Buy Motorola Mobility

Google to Include Social Media Results

Google Updates Mobile Search Results

Google Updates: Rollback of ‘Medic’ and a Core Change

Google Urged To Apply Right-To-Be-Forgotten Rule

Google: Mobile Version of a Site Will Be Used To Rank Pages

Google’s Auto-Complete Trick for Low-Cost Holiday Websites

Google’s Customer Journey to Online Purchase Tool

Google’s new search feature

Google’s ‘Over Optimisation’ Penalty

Google’s new tool – Mobile Friendly Test

Google+ Now Available for Businesses

Google+ Restrictive Name Policy

Guide to Optimising Your Site for Google’s Mobile-First Index selects POLARIS as their SEO partner

Handy E-commerce SEO Checklist

Handy E-commerce SEO Checklist

Have your SEO Rankings been Fluctuating? Here is why

Healthcare SEO: Optimising for the Rise of the E-Patient

How AR will improve your E-commerce Business

How Automated Bidding Strategies will Improve your Search Campaigns Performance

How Digital PR can help your business

How Helpful is the new Auction Insights Report

How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together

How SEO Will Boost Your Christmas Sales This Year

How To Audit Your Google Shopping Campaign Performance

How To Audit Your Own SEO

How to Build Penguin Friendly Links

How To Build The Perfect Landing Page For Your E-Commerce

How to Build Your Twitter Following

How to Choose the Right SEO Agency for Your Business

How to create an effective FAQ page for your business

How to create effective backlinks

How to Create SEO Optimised Blogs

How to Create Winning SEO Content in 2023

How To Develop a Successful Digital PR Strategy

How To Develop An SEO Optimised Content Strategy For Each Stage of A Buyer’s Journey

How to Enhance your Online Presence at the Arabian Travel Market 2014

How to fix your stagnant SEO

How to gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing

How To Gain Valuable SEO Data From Google Analytics

How to get Google to crawl your site

How to get listed in Google Places

How to help users find your App using Apple Search Ads

How to improve local SEO: most comprehensive guide

How to improve your Google Shopping Ads

How to improve your SEO with E-A-T

How to Market Your Business Online

How to Optimise for Google Places (Google Maps)

How to Optimise Images for SEO

How to Organise a B2B SEO Campaign for Success

How to Overcome a Manual Link Penalty

How to plan an effective Outreach Campaign

How to prepare for the upcoming Google UX ranking update

How to promote your Content

How to re-evaluate your business to be a viable solution for customers during Covid-19

How to reduce form spam on your website

How to secure your Website

How To Send A Newsletter Through MailChimp

How to SEO WordPress

How to speed up your website

How to use Content Marketing to grow your business

How To Use Hootsuite Scheduling

How To: Manage Large Websites and Booking Systems

How UX and User Testing Can Improve Your PPC campaigns

How will AI Impact Paid Search?

How will AMPs Impact B2B SEO?

HTTPS Algorithm Update

Important Notice On Google’s Penguin Update

Increasing Your Organic Search Traffic Without Backlinks

Industry Roundup – 21st June 2013

Integrating Authentic Content Into Your Commercial Airline’s SEO Strategy

International SEO: A Not-Comprehensive Guide

International Women’s Day: In conversation with Natalie Edwards, Marketing Director at Six Degrees

International Women’s Day: In conversation with Vickie Allen, founder of the DevelopHER Awards

International Women’s Day: In conversation with Rosie Speight, co-founder of Equi London

Is Social Bookmarking Still Effective?

Is This The End For Google Panda?

Is Voice Search The Future Of SEO?

Is your gifting business SEO ready for Christmas?

Is your Google Ads campaign tracking performance correctly?

Is Your Halloween E-Commerce SEO Ready ?

It’s true: google is removing its right-hand Side Ads on SERPs

Key Areas of Building A Positive Link Profile

Key Elements of Effective SEO Strategies

Key Factors for Targeting International Markets

Key Factors to Cover When Conducting SEO Research

Keyword research for SEO

Keyword Research: Why Does It Still Matter?

KPIs and Social Media Marketing

Link Building for a New Client

Link Building For E-commerce Sites

Link Building Strategies For The Second Half of 2016

Link Building Survey 2014 – SEO Takeaways

Link Building With Google Panda

Local Businesses: Get excited for Google’s New Map Ads

London Technology Week

Lunch with the search giants….

Make Your E-Newsletter Stand Out

Make-A-Wish UK Launches SEO Initiative Ahead of 2016

Making the Most of your On-Page Content in 5 Simple Steps

Managing LinkedIn Sponsored Content Campaigns: The Ultimate Guide

Managing Your Brand Social Media in Light of the Election

Marketing and PR Communications: What to Expect

Marketing the B2B Storm

Mastering B2B Lead Generation: Strategies, Expert Insights and Tactics for Business Growth

Mastering Your Content Marketing Strategy: Your Blueprint for Success

MC Hammer Launches WireDoo

Measuring The Long-Term Value Of B2B PPC Campaigns

Meet POLARIS’ new Business Coordinator – Emily North

Meet POLARIS’ new Content Manager – Natalie Nash

Meet POLARIS’ new Content Manager – Simon Cromie

Meet Polaris’ New Content Marketing Executive – Martha Woodhouse

Meet POLARIS’ new Digital Marketing Assistant – Kate Bravery

Meet Polaris’ new Head of SEO – James Foote

Meet Polaris’ New Projects Assistant – Harriet Parnell

Meet POLARIS’ New SEO Manager – Azzurra Ponti

Meet POLARIS’ New SEO Manager – Isabelle Grange

Meet Polaris’ New Social and Content Executive – Vandita Dhoot

Meet Polaris’ new Technical SEO Specialist – James Allen

Meta Tags – Conversion vs. SEO

Micro Moments in Travel

Micro Moments: A New Action for Marketing Managers to Consider

Mobile SEO: How to enhance, optimise and expose your brand via mobile.

Monthly Insights Report: What To Expect in March 2021

Negative Matching Can Save Your Campaign

Negative SEO – Thinking Like The Bad Guys

New Google Adwords Extension – Callouts

New Record for Most Tweeted about Event of all Time!

No More Panda Updates Until 2012

Nominated for Three RAR Awards

Not Spending Much On Adwords? Your Keyword Planner Data May Suffer

Off-Page Optimisation Tactics For B2B Marketing Success

On-Page SEO: More Than Just Content

One Year Anniversary Interview with James Foote, Technical Director at Polaris

Optimising Google Shopping Product Feeds

Optimising Medical Diagnosis Pages for Healthcare SEO

Optimising Sports and Fitness Apparel E-Commerce for Seasonal SEO

Outbound Link Penalties Issued by Google

Passage Indexing – everything you need to know to enhance how your business rankings in Google

Penguin 2.0 – Reporting Spam Manually

Penguin 2.0 – The Anticlimax

Penguin 2.0 – What Can We Expect?

Penguin-Friendly Link Development

Plan your Christmas Affiliate Campaign

Planning Content within a B2B SEO Strategy in 2016

Planning Winter Campaigns: Utilising Year on Year Data

Pokémon go Search trends

POLARIS gets on board at Monopoly Lifesized in London

Polaris Gives Travel SEO Keynote at the ttgluxury Seminar

POLARIS Introduce Web Development Services

Polaris Makes Top 3 in The Drum’s Agency Rankings

Polaris Nominated for Best Use of Search

Polaris Nominated Twice at The Drum Recommends Awards for Digital 2021!

POLARIS: Among The Drum’s Top 20 Small Agencies for Strategic Thinking in London

Powerful Landing Page and Ad Elements That Boost Your Conversion Rate

Prep Your Search Campaigns For The Holiday Season

Preparing an Ecommerce Store for an Increased Christmas Rush

Product Ads Moving From To Paid

Product Search Becoming Paid Search

Product Variations & B2B SEO for Ecommerce Websites

Qualifying a search marketing agency

Questioning Google SEO Search

Recovering From a Panda Penalty

Recycling old content to increase SEO rankings

Restructuring B2B Websites Through SEO Migration

Rob Joins the Team

ROI & Conversion Reporting – Paid Search

Rumours Of YouTube To Launch Ad Free Music

Running Facebook Competitions

Sales Tips they wont give you!

Search Ads: How to Make Yours Stand Out From The Rest

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Roadmap

Secrets of Google’s Penalty Process

SEO & KPIs For Today’s Multi-Device User Journey

SEO & PPC: How To Make It A Match Made In Heaven

SEO After Googles PPC Update: What Should Your SEO Strategy Focus on?

SEO and Content Marketing: Why Should They Complement Each Other?

SEO Copywriting: How to Get it Right

SEO for Charities: Key Steps

SEO in 2019

SEO Myths – Page Rank

SEO Practices: Good vs Bad

SEO Practitioners’ Toolkit: Free Chrome Extensions You Need To Have

SEO Techniques to Avoid

SEO Travel Strategies You Must Have!

SEO Trends in 2017

SEO Web Developer | SEO Tech Developer | Dev for SEO – POLARIS

Setting Goals for a Website Migration Project

Setting Up a Pay Per Click Campaign

Setting Up Segments & Content Groups in Google Analytics for your Business

Shaking it up with Polaris SEO

Shopify: Review

Should My Business Use Shopify For SEO?

Site Structure and Google Indexation

Ski Retailers: 10 Tips to Start Your Winter SEO Campaign

Small Business SEO: Everything You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Smooth Site Changes – Getting it Right

So you work in an SEO Agency, what are the first things I should look for on a Technical Audit?

Social Networks And Our Emotional Well being?

Speed Up Landing Pages for your Customers

Structured data, your content, and schema tagging – everything you need to know to enhance how your business ranks in Google

Successful SEO in L&D – How to fill courses

Suitable CMS Systems For E-Commerce

Summer Splash Out – Consumers Are Ready To Spend

Targeted B2B SEO for Long Term Sales

The Basics of a Site Migration Project – Commonly Asked Questions by Marketing Managers

The benefits of using WordPress for your website 

The Best Ecommerce Platforms In 2020

The Changing Analytics User Interface

The Content Issue: What Makes Content Shareable and Linkable?

The Decline of Twitter?

The Definitive Guide to B2B Excellence

The Effects of Panda 21

The Evolution of Online Learning & Development

The Evolution of Snapchat, and Social Media Marketing

The Facebook Update: How Will Businesses Be Affected?

The four-point plan to digital Ecommerce Success

The fundamentals of marketing & communications

The Golden Rules of E-Commerce SEO

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Travel SEO: Humanising Travel Content

The Impact of User Behaviour on Your SEO

The Importance of Guest Blogging

The Importance of Site Structure

The Infinity War for Backlinks

The Internet of Things

The Issue of Privacy in Search

The Most Important Elements of a Successful B2B SEO Campaign

The Myth of Keyword Density

The New Google Adwords

The New Google Panda Update is Almost Here

The New Google Search Console

The New World of JSON

The Real Value of Landing Pages

The Top 5 Benefits Of Paid Social Marketing

The Worlds 1st Glow In The Dark Ice Cream!

Things to Watch Out For in Google Adwords

Three SEO Mistakes To Avoid In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Three SEO Strategy Points to Consider for Q3/Q4

TikTok: A New Advertising Platform

Top 10 SEO Tips for Private Clinics & Hospitals

Top 10 SEO Trends For 2016

Top 3 SEO trends for 2021

Top 5 SEO Considerations For Email Marketing Companies

Top 5 SEO Tools for Site Audits In 2020

Top 5 tips for Small Businesses new to Social Media Marketing

Top SEO Tips That Really Work

Top Tips for Creating a Successful B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Tourism Boards: Understanding Conversions

Travel Industry Digital Marketing, PPC and SEO

Travel SEO: Google Tests Direct Hotel Booking

Travel SEO: How to Determine Achievable Keyword Targets

Travel SEO: Targeting customers at the right stages

Travel Websites: Reducing Cart Abandonment

UK Search Awards Finalists!

Understanding SEO visibility and improving on it

Understanding Target Buyers

Unwrap Success: 5 Must-Try Ecommerce SEO Quick Wins for Retail Brands This Christmas

Using Google Search Console for Immediate SEO Overviews

Using Google Search Console for SEO Research

Using London 2012

Utilising SEO Within a B2B Sales & Marketing Strategy

Utilising the Knowledge Graph for Travel SEO

UX and SEO – brothers in arms!

Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 1

Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 2

Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 3

Video Blog: Enhanced CPA VS Conversion Optimiser

Video Blog: How To Conduct A Back Link Audit – Part 1

Video Blog: How To Conduct A Link Audit – Part 2

Video Blog: How To Conduct A Link Audit – Part 4

Video Blog: How To Conduct A Link Audit Part 3

Video Rich Snippets – Part 2 (Getting Started)

Video Rich Snippets – Is It Time?

We’re Wirehive 100 Finalists for Best Use of Search

Web Design Trends 2014

Website Migration Guide

Website Migration Guide

Website Migration Resource

Website Migrations Formula For Success = Repetition | POLARIS

What do I do with my Infographic?

What Do The IAB Do?

What does Brexit mean for marketing managers?

What Ever happened to Ask Jeeves?

What Future for Upworthy Content?

What Influences A Paid Ads Click-Through-Rate?

What is “Average Visit Duration: 0”?

What is an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?

What is Google Instant?

What is Google+?

What is Pinterest?

What is Responsive Design?

What is Universal Search?

What SEO keyword ranking reporting do you need for a heavy ecommerce website 

What to Do When You’re Hitting Your PPC Budget

What To Do When Your PPC Accounts Don’t Work

What to expect from Google 2021 Core update

what types of content are appropriate within a B2B SEO strategy?

What We Won’t See In SEO In 2013

What you need to know about Amazon’s Advertising Platform

What you need to know about Google Analytics 4

What you need to know about Google’s Core December 2020 update

What you need to know about Google’s Core July 2021 update

What’s The Point of an Infographic?

Whats involved in an SEO audit?

When is the right time to start an SEO migration project?

Which Formats of Content Drive Leads and Enquiries for SME Businesses?

Which metrics should you measure your SEO campaign by?

Why Content Matters to Marketers

Why Google Analytics 4 is more beneficial than Google Analytics

Why Have Your Search Rankings Dropped? 5 Technical Factors You Need to Check

Why Hire an SEO Expert?

Why Invest In Multilingual Digital Marketing?

Why is Buzzfeed So Addictive?

Why Mobile Bid Adjustments Are Key For E-commerce PPC

Why Snapchat is not obsolete

Why Website Security is relevant for SEO

Why You Need Facebook Custom Audiences

Why You Should Hire An SEO Agency For Your Website Migration Project

Why you should use Digital PR in your B2B SEO strategy

Why You Should Use Social Media

Wikipedia blacked out

Will Emoji Search Impact SEO?

WordPress Gets Hacked

Yahoo Testing Google Search Results

Yahoo try and end Microsoft search deal

Yandex – Twitter’s New Search Partner

Yes! Links still matter

Case Studies