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At the core of any digital strategy is content. Having a communications strategy requires an expert understanding of your brand, market position, and target customers needs in order to connect your brand successfully with the prospect through content.

At POLARIS, our content writing services focus precisely on what your audience needs when they are searching for information, online. Whether you are looking for someone to write content for your new website, or as a part of your SEO strategy, our experts can assist.

Content strategies that connect with customers

Content writing requires careful planning and consideration before production commences. In a digital age where brands compete for prospects click and onsite attention, marketers have to ensure that the right content is planned and the genetics of each piece of content resonates and satisfies a target customer online.

Many brands choose to partner with POLARIS to assist with content writing because we know how to create content that converts.

3xaverage increase

Marketers that partner with POLARIS see a 3x increase in onsite engagement


Content writing services tailored to your strategy

A content strategy starts with an understanding of where you are right now, and where you want to be. We will take your objectives and build a content strategy that fuels the digital growth of your brand online, so that you can target your customers at all phases of the customer lifecycle.

Whether it’s B2B content or Ecommerce content you need, we have the experience and tools to guide you forward.


Meet Our Service Experts

Based in London, our team of content writing experts have experience in creating content strategies for a variety of businesses globally.


Of content consumption is obtained from organic search.

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Content Marketing Strategy Mastery: Expert Tips and Strategies

Content Writing Services

As a leading digital agency, our team comprises of leading content strategists and content writers that have written for a variety of industries and sectors.

  • Content Writing for SEO
  • B2B Content Writing
  • Lifestyle Copywriting
  • Whitepapers & Guides
  • Website Copy

As a leading SEO agency, we appreciate the value a content strategy adds to an overall SEO programme.

We appreciate the importance of having content for creating awareness, and for assisting users to convert, through category or solution pages onsite.

Not only does content for SEO have to be useful for the user, it has to comply with search engine algorithms too. We know what search engines are looking for when evaluating your website content and can guide you on how to improve the performance of your content.

Writing B2B Content requires an excellent understanding of your Ideal Customer Profiles.

Once you’ve identified them, marrying these profiles with search landscape data to determine which aspects of a prospects search intent is relevant to your business.

Connecting the data points in the right way results in a highly targeted pool of traffic that land onsite and engage with your brand through your knowledge centre content and solution page content alike.

Producing copy that inspires and motivates users to transact with your brand online.

Our copywriters have a proven track record of taking a products details and crafting lifestyle content that taps into the minds and emotions of your target customers.

Inspiring customers to engage, our content will help you to connect up the various stages of your sales lifecycle from awareness to conversion.

Whitepapers and guide content are the heart of any B2B marketing strategy online.

Our team of B2B copywriters are specialists in researching and crafting detailed long form content pieces that educate and nurture prospects on your subject matter.

From financial technology to the sciences, we have the experience and know how to produce B2B content that converts.

Engaging sales copy is critical to ensuring your website has the best conversion rates possible.

We craft website copy using our unique process which involves a brand review in the first instance.

Understanding your value proposition, and what this means for your customers is what helps us craft compelling website copy that feels completely natural for your readers.

Content Strategy for Ecommerce Retailer

“This campaign was truly collaborative, with POLARIS providing insights and direction which help us to connect our brand with new audiences, through our values.”

Content writing is at the core of our business and we are proud to have delivered award winning content for our clients. Take a look below for examples of our content writing.

250%RoI, the online gifting company, partnered with POLARIS to increase Brand Awareness around Valentines day. POLARIS were tasked with launching a valentines campaign that fit the ethos of the company.

20%Increase in Email Open Rates
2,486%Return on Investment through closed won revenue
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Frequently asked questions

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  • What process do you follow for content writing?

    We have a dedicated research and production process that we use for content writing at POLARIS. This process has been refined over 15 years and provides you with a standardised approach to receiving highly engaging content consistently from our team.

  • How much would it cost to work with a content writing agency?

    Costs vary when you are looking to partner with a content writing agency. Depending on the sector you are in, the number of articles or pages you need producing, and whether you are looking for a one off project or ongoing supply of content will all have an impact on your costs.