Delivering a Successful Outcome for, the UK’s Leading Martial Arts Equipment and Clothing Store. contacted POLARIS as they needed an agency that could help them with their SEO, PPC and CRO initiative.

Business Case

POLARIS devised a comprehensive 12-month strategy designed to not only increase organic traffic for, but also to align the website with Google’s requirements and deliver an exceptional user experience across the diverse markets of the UK, France and Germany.

To secure the website’s digital presence, a detailed backlink audit was conducted, paving the way for a thorough cleanup process. This strategic initiative ensured that only links relevant and valuable to’s target audience remained, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the SEO campaign.

33%Increase in Traffic
105Position 1 Rankings

Of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users in your market and identify their conversion paths.

“From start to finish POLARIS have delivered a coherent and successful formula for to advance further in our marketing and sales online. The return POLARIS have acquired for us far exceeds the cost; our only regret is that we wish we had done this sooner.”

Lee Bindra


POLARIS inherited the existing Blitzsport account and initiated a comprehensive review as a first step, delving into five years’ worth of AdWords data to gather insights and formulate a targeted strategy.

Through detailed analysis, we identified opportunities to optimise performance. This included the strategic addition of negative keywords to prevent wasted budget the implementation of distinct bidding strategies for broad, phrase and exact match keywords, and the initiation of split testing for ad variations.

The effect of these enhancements was immediately evident, with a notable 18% reduction in the average Cost Per Click (CPC) within the first month. The campaign also witnessed a remarkable 24% increase in the number of clicks, translating to nearly 8000 additional clicks compared to the previous period.

At first, POLARIS conducted a thorough account audit, looking back through 5 years’ worth of AdWords data. Adding negative keywords to prevent wasted budget, assigning different bids for broad, phrase and exact match keywords, and split testing ad variations – which all contributed to immediately positive results.



Collaborating closely with the Blitzsport’s IT and marketing departments, we embarked on a journey to establish ways to help make purchasing a more attractive proposition. Our efforts led to the implementation of straightforward yet impactful changes, such as the development of new tightly themed landing pages and strategic recommendations aimed at streamlining the checkout process.

POLARIS devised a comprehensive 12-month strategy, strategically designed to not only increase organic traffic, but also align Blitzsport’s website with Google’s requirements. This strategy was crafted with a keen focus on delivering an exceptional user experience across the diverse markets of the UK, France, and Germany. Top of Form

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118 %avg increase in rankings
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