AMTEC Group – 1 Year On

In June 2021, POLARIS supported Ellis machinery, a leading name in the UK supply of farm machinery, as they set out to rebrand their business, becoming AMTEC Group.

The Project

After researching and identifying suitable brand names, with the client’s future SEO intentions in mind, the POLARIS team partnered with both client and web agency to ensure that migrating to the new domain was as smooth as possible.

After months of preparation, the POLARIS team ensured site performance was not compromised throughout the migration. We retained 687 primary keyword ranking positions sitewide; these positions were not just retained immediately post-migration, but also after the 90-day domain changeover period.

What’s more, we did not merely retain rankings, but improved them. AMTEC saw a 35% increase in page 1 keyword rankings throughout the 90-day changeover period, which meant search visibility and impressions increased by 284%.

Following the migration, AMTEC continued working with POLARIS to further improve their SEO positioning.


Old Terms

Since the migration, our team have conducted thorough optimisations for pages sitewide, targeting high volume, competitive terms around farm and agricultural machinery – and the results speak for themselves. AMTEC’s site ranks top 3 for a number of high value keywords, and impressions have grown in turn:

Farm Machinery:
2008.7% growth year on year.

Agricultural Machinery:
102.0% growth year on year.

Ag Machinery:
45,000.0% growth year on year.

Moreover, POLARIS’ team knew that demand would grow for particular types of machinery based on season, or the time of year, and so built an SEO content optimisation strategy that would ensure maximum return on investment.

Seed drills, for example, are used by farmers in the UK towards the end of summer to plant crops for harvest the following year. We knew that September would be a crucial month to drive users to the site for this very reason, and thus our team optimised the seed drills category page ahead of time to capture traffic around related terms.

After our optimised page content was integrated, the seed drills page began to climb the SERPs. Initially ranking position 8 for the key term ‘seed drills for sale’, our team’s work moved the page up to position 1, outranking all competition.

And what’s more, only a month later, our team replicated this result for the cultivators category page, moving it to position 1 for the term ‘cultivators for sale’ through a thorough optimisation process.


New Terms

Over the course of the last year, the POLARIS team have defined a content strategy that has allowed the AMTEC site to target a greater pool of keywords. New, higher value terms had been identified around specific types of machinery, so our team got to work on creating pages to capture the traffic around these keywords.

We suggested the creation of individual pages for popular machinery models, organised by brand, in order to capture search volumes and traffic around these terms. Having evidenced the value in these pages through our search landscape research, our team supported AMTEC and their web agency in the construction of these pages, advising on design and content throughout.

Our team’s effort was not wasted – AMTEC’s site now ranks in the top 5 positions for target brand + model keyword terms, with aggregate search volumes in excess of 3000 per month.

35%Increase in page 1 kw rankings
284%Increase in search visibility and impressions

Of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users in your market and identify their conversion paths.

Fresh Content

AMTEC’s blog was in need of optimisation. Existing blog content on the site was not SEO friendly: articles were poorly written and lacked topical depth, and uploads were few and far between. Our strategy for the blog involved refreshing and upgrading the existing articles, as well as populating the blog with fresh, well-targeted and optimised content.

Over the last year, AMTEC’s blog has grown exponentially. Sessions on the blog have increased by 1956.8% year on year, while pageviews are up by 2531.9%.

A number of the blogs, both those created from scratch and those that were built by upgrading existing content, are among the top 10 most visited pages across AMTEC’s entire site.


“We’ve been so impressed with the work of the POLARIS team. Our site has gained huge increases in traffic over the last year, and POLARIS’ clear-cut SEO strategy has directed us towards this growth.”

Jason White


Achieving these results did not happen overnight – in fact, it has taken an entire year of effort on both client and agency sides, led by POLARIS’ SEO strategy. Having broken our long-term vision into achievable ‘sprints’, we are now approaching the current maximum performance within AMTEC’s local industry.

Outranking industry giants for brand and machinery terms, as well as mammoth encyclopedic hubs such as Wikipedia, AMTEC’s results have been achieved through a combination multiple string technical SEO work based on scalable gains, a clearly communicated strategy, and a team of passionate individuals committed to maximising results.

Since last year’s migration project, the POLARIS team have used their SEO expertise to boost AMTEC’s traffic by over 120% sitewide. Areas of the site which were previously underutilised, such as the blog, have seen exponential growth of nearly 2000%.

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