E-commerce SEO has once again been shaken by the invention of a new powerful tool that makes it easier for consumers to order fast moving consumer goods online: Amazon’s Dash Button. Launched on March 31st, 2015, the new gadget was first believed to be an April Fool’s joke by users. The Dash Button is a simple device which sticks to almost any surface within the common household (washing machine, inside a cupboard or anywhere in the bathroom) and which is linked to the user’s Amazon account. A push of the button reorders a specific item when the stock is either running low or empty, breaking new records in online shopping convenience.

So far, 18 household products have their own Amazon Dash Button, ranging from paper towels, washing powder to baby formulas. Amazon’s plan is to slowly cover all forms of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in the near future.

A Shorter Journey to the Shopping Basket Online

Unfortunately for online FMCG retailers, Amazon’s Dash Button shortens the journey to the shopping basket, avoiding related products, as it shields consumers from discovering new brands, purchase more products or see available deals online. This invention marks a turning point in E-commerce search, with FMCG marketing managers now having to integrate the button into their E-commerce SEO strategy. FMCG retailers now need to purchase the Dash license and display the button above the fold on the homepage. Creating a page of its own displaying visual graphics, textual information and a competitor analysis will really give marketing managers that extra push, but must be put together as soon as possible.

What Future for FMCG E-Commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO agencies, along with marketing managers of fast moving consumer goods, are now wondering about the future effects of Amazon’s invention on SERPs. It is unlikely Amazon will create a button for appliances such as TVs and coffee machines; however retailers of coffee machine refills will soon make the most out of the tool. Online searches for TVs and coffee machines will most likely remain the same but reorders might rise tremendously soon for FMCG.

But with or without the Dash button, there will be a point where consumers will ask themselves if they are satisfied with the brand or brand they are currently using. With a strong online marketing strategy, a new brand can take the place of a family’s favourite, especially through new keyword planning. In the world of e-commerce SEO this means long-term keyword search terms like “bounty paper towels dash button” and “cheap toiletries dash button” could start trending soon.

The Amazon Dash Button is both an exciting opportunity and a tough challenge for an E-commerce SEO agency, and for FMCG marketers. Consumers will be able to re-order household products with great convenience, but will most likely miss online deals from the retailer. Time will tell the real impact on E-commerce SEO in the next few months.

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