With eCommerce, you should take full advantage of the different channels rather than just focusing on one or two. Each channel has the power to reach out to a wide audience using a number of different methods through search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and email marketing.

Customer Data

Diving into your customer data to discover how your business is operating and also growing in new markets is very important if you want to continue to succeed.

Mobile First Experience

Building your eCommerce on different smart-phone technologies can be a costly expense but your are investing for the future. With the mobile update which rolled out earlier this year, you need to ensure both online user experience and mobile optimised site is up to a high standard.

Paid Campaigns

If you rely on direct sources of traffic, you are essentially fighting against share losses. Direct referrals has decrease from around 75% to 9% in the past ten years whilst multi-channel eCommerce has been growing from around 15% to – 25%. This basically means you shouldn’t just focus all of your attention just on search engine optimisation (SEO). Take full advance of multi-channel eCommerce by using paid search, organic search, email marketing and social media to help bring more potential consumers to your eCommerce product pages. Other channels offer great ways to increase your overall traffic. Our advice, engage with them.

Put Your Products Everywhere

On your eCommerce website, ensure you have the your natural internal linking throughout your eCommerce site so potential consumers can find products with greater ease allowing them to purchase from your store. If you have any particular deals currently available, make sure they can be seen by everyone on your eCommerce site otherwise you’ll loose opportunities and your competitor will take home the business.

Decrease Gross Margin To Increase Sales Volume

Lowering your margins can help increase sales through your eCommerce. Compare your products with your competitors and see what they charging for the same product. If need be, you may need to slightly lower the price of your item. On the positive side, you are now more able to provide even more deals across your eCommerce site.

Enhance The Online Experience

It is important to analyse your eCommerce through an analytics platform such as Google Analytics. You won’t know how well your campaign is doing without some form of advance data reporting. You will be able to see where the majority of traffic is coming from as well as keeping track of sales during a period of time but most of all, when your eCommerce is the most busy during the day or week.

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