With your content ready and raring to go, what is the next step? Promoting it of course! Although the promotional aspect of launching your content seems to be an easy step, it is also the area where most companies tend to fail at content marketing.

Anyone within the Marketing industry will be aware as to the turbulent journey that is, promoting your content. For B2B SEO Agencies and In-house Teams, you will be aware the crucialness of promoting content.

Content promotion may in fact be, the hardest aspect of the entire content marketing process. The reason for this is simple. The Internet is an extremely crowded place (roughly built up of 5.57 billion pages)! Despite feeling that your content is full proof, there is equally a large amount of content out there, also waiting to be discovered.

In this article, we will be exploring ways to promote your content.

Building your Audience

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, you will have one common foundation to your content, an audience. The audience research that you would have carried out in the initial ideation and content strategy process will pay off massively here. Turning your findings into content will have been a fantastic step towards getting your content engaged with.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one way to really kick off the promotion process of your content. Influencers in the established field i.e. fashion, can truly elevate the exposure of your content. With a common awareness that they are the experts, you can be rest assured the audience you’re trying to reach, is already listening to them. For marketers looking to build their own brand awareness, developing relationships with the influencers is an effective way to build your audience.

There are many tools at your disposal for this kind of work, including Influencer Match Maker

Guest Posting

My personal favourite method of expanding the reach of content is Guest Posting. Guest posting is an effective way to get your content directly in front of your audience, given that the website is related to your industry. By using this method for promoting your content, you will be able to create unique and distinguishable content for a site with a similar audience, and larger reach. When done well, this method can be powerful in building not only your authority in the industry, but also your audience.

Guest posting requires the most obvious component – a relationship between yourself, and the host. Despite being a method that can be a lot of work, when posting in the right place, the likelihood of rewards is high!

With this route, it is important to remember to find credible sites that are related to your industry, this will give you a huge advantage. Writing interesting and unique content will follow, and encourage people to actively seek out more content from your business.

Beyond referring to the visual of the site, i.e. UX etc., it is important to run through the Domain Authority of the site, alongside the Trust Flow. This would be an addition to the above areas, given that you don’t purely rely on a high DA as the determining factor for your link source.

Digital PR

Another way to promote your content is outreaching to media publications and bloggers. Despite this relying heavily on relationship building, which in itself is a rather long process, outreach (and actually obtaining the link) is a highly effective way to get your content on the frontline.

Pitching plays a large role in the process of outreaching, whether it is to a blogger or a media publication. Tailoring your pitches to suit the interests of the journalist or blogger you’re contacting is critical. Whatever is included in the pitch, can truly make or break your chances of having your content on that site. Which is precisely why, you should include things that they will find interesting. This does require some research, yes. But will in fact, pay off in the long-run.

Most of the time, the person on the other end will want something valuable. With regards to a media publication, this can often be in the form of something exclusive or early access to the information. Whilst bloggers on the other hand, will be more interested on an exchange basis (freebies to be precise), or even a special promotion for their readers.

Social Media

Content suited for your audience does not always mean they will see it! That’s why Social Media comes into play.

Deploying your Social Media accounts to promote our content can be a beneficial push in the right direction. This does not always mean that your audience will always engage with what you publish. Which is precisely why it’s important to remember that Social Media is more so about building a relationship with your online community in place of promotion 24/7.

Sharing content from publications on related topics can balance out the content you post, which might actually get new people looking at your channels also!


There is far more to content marketing and promoting your content that meet’s the eye. With the above mentioned points, you can be rest assured that your content is on its way to reaching a new level of exposure!

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