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Creating opportunity through content

Creating interesting and unique opportunities for consumers to engage with your business through real world content thats straight to the point and effective.

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Content Marketing Agency

All marcomms strategies are designed to achieve a single purpose, to communicate and engage directly with a specific person or group of people. We take pride in our ability to rationally think of communication strategies which genuinely connect with your target audience, increasing awareness and specifically, buyer engagement.

Utilising the essence of your business, products, and services, we take the simplest of ideas and turn them into content marketing campaigns that connect with your target audiences through a variety of channels, including social media, digital pr and in some cases print. Our experience shows that the best performing campaigns are the ones that have diversity in their structure. This means using a variety of channels, to promote and distribute a variety of content assets which communicate a single theme in a variety of ways. Difference people absorb information in different ways, and we like to tick as many of these boxes as we can.

Video Content

Producing engaging short and long form video content & video animations to visually present your business at its best.

Social Content

Creating a variety of content formats for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin that resonates with your audiences.

Evergreen Content

Creating content that serves a real purpose to users over time, strengthening your landing pages and overall online SEO.

Interactive Content

Gamification and other forms of interactive content are high performing in user engagement & worth considering for your brand.

Google Q&A Content

Q&A content is a consistent features within the SERPS and we have the tools and expertise to research and create this for your business.

Web Copy Content

Producing copy that is articulate and motivational in your tone & voice, motivating users to continue through your funnel as you intend.

Billion. This is the estimated number of online shoppers by 2021.
45% of these shoppers will start their journey with a search engine.

Giving our Content time to succeed

Our agency approach to content marketing is to take your business objective and formulate this into a structured communications strategy using our content marketing expertise.

Our best practice approach consists of running content campaigns in 12 week cycles, beginning with a round of ideation and ending with campaign analytics and reporting.

At Polaris, success is measured in a number of ways. This includes engagement, shares, referral traffic, domain authority, site visits, and sales/leads.

Giving our Content time to succeed

Content worth investing in.

Creative yet simple approachExperts in MarCommsIn-house design teamSector specific PR experienceCampaign analyticsDigital PR services

An SEO Agency Focused on ROI

At Polaris we have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts that work together as a content marketing business unit.

We combine creative thinking with data and analytics, and use our core principle of keeping ideas simple to deliver powerful campaigns that connect with target audiences, every time.

Our team comprises of free thinking creative leaders, digital content strategists & heavyweight creative designers.

Our content marketers have experience working across a number of sectors including FMCG, Fashion, Retail and Travel.

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An SEO Agency Focused on ROI

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""The SEO team helped us get Goddiva back onto the top 3 positions for our key product lines after a very bad site migration. We enjoy the increases in organic traffic the team are achieving for us and we are very happy to work with them. Great bunch and definately experts in retail SEO.""
Yathu KanagatharamBusiness Development Manager, Goddiva


As experts within the SEO industry, we have taken our learnings and used them to offer useful resources that will help you plan your SEO campaigns and strategies more effectively.

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Critical Factors For Content Marketing Success

Variety is King

Communicating a single message in a variety of formats is critical to ensure your target audience are able to consume your message in a format suitable for them at that specific moment.

Production Quality

With state of the art video production tools and equipment we produce video content that is of the highest quality, making your brand look its best as it can.

Campaign Planning

Following a timely process will ensure your content campaign runs smoothly from ideation to digital PR.

Brand Confidence

Ensuring your brand is trusted and seen as a good company to deal with is paramount in a users decision making process when choosing to transact. Ensuring you tick these boxes and communicate them is critical to your success.

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