CACI wanted an experienced, reliable SEO partner that could assist them in launching a new site for the management consultancy.

The legacy CACI website had developed over time to not only become unmanageable from an internal point of view but many different templates and technologies were employed to output content.

Business Challenge

The team wanted to launch a new brand, a new website, and also re structure the way the business proposition was structured digitally, requiring a complete overhaul of the site structure.

With such a significant change that moved the business focus from business units to services and capabilities, the client wanted to go through changeover but try and retain as much SEO equity as possible at the same time.

POLARIS were briefed into the project, and then selected as the management consultants SEO partner to handle the website migration project in 2021.

Current Situation Analysis

In the first instance, a business consultation was conducted to determine what the mid term goals were for the business whilst going through a relaunch. Whilst a long term SEO strategy was not the current focus, the POLARIS team wanted to ensure that the client gained maximum value from the website migration. For this reason, objectives were discussed around specific business units, services, and capabilities, and what areas of the business the team wanted to increase rankings and traffic for over the next 18 months.

Using these business objectives, a site performance audit was conducted to determine the current SEO performance of the legacy website.

Using the findings of this audit, the SEO team benchmarked current rankings and urls, and also documented current conversions being generated too.

Business Unit Segmentation

Utilising the data gathered from the site performance audit, a management summary was delivered into internal stakeholders within the clients business to communicate the current SEO strengths within the website.

88%Rankings Retained
11,000URLs mapped
96%Traffic Retained

Of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users in your market and identify their conversion paths.

“POLARIS are honest in terms of recommendations and feedback and have their clients best interest. They deliver the promise, and sometimes go above and beyond to make sure project objectives are met.”

Fridah Sanga

Business Proposition Restructuring

The entire site architecture was overhauled within the new website and restructured to focus on services, capabilities, datasets and software. This meant that from an SEO point of view, historical service categories had to be mapped to their new, most closest match. In instances where a close match was not possible, a decision had to be made on where these services would be directed and if this would make sense from a user point of view post changeover. The SEO team went through a process of partnering with the client team to audit over 11,000 URLs that required consideration and mapping.

Content Migration and Retention of Onsite SEO Equity

As with any migration project, content is key to the entire process and to ensure onsite SEO equity is retained. POLARIS worked with the marketing team to identify existing content that must be migrated to ensure equity is retained in key areas.

Migration Management

POLARIS managed the entire migration project over a 12 week period. From point of planning and merging a migration schedule into a wider site launch schedule, to partnering with the web agency to manage changeover, tracking, testing and performance.

Campaign URL Handling

For internal requirements, specific campaign URLs had to be migrated so that other channels that were driving traffic online to the website could continue to operate without interruption. This was a key consideration within the SEO agencies migration process to ensure business continuity not just from an SEO aspect for the client but from a general marcomms perspective overall.


A newly branded, destination website was launched for CACI at the end of July 2021.

Following our post migration reporting process, traffic and onsite behaviour was monitored on a daily basis and after 10 days of launch traffic levels were confirmed as being stable and consistent.

The CACI website had been launched successfully without any loss of traffic or degradation to user experience.

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