E-Commerce SEO: Amazon Firefly Raises The Bar For Online Retail

E-Commerce SEO is once again challenged by Amazon with the launch of Amazon Firefly, its new mobile phone. After Kindle, Fire TV and tablets, this product is a great sales opportunity for the giant e-retailer, but what does this mean for E-Commerce owners? Will users only buy from Amazon?

Since the Amazon Firefly was released, the internet has been interested to know whether the device will either excel or crash. The Firefly device has a pretty impressive kit included in the price with free unlimited storage, optical image stabilisation and free Amazon Prime for delivery. What will decide whether the Amazon Firefly will be a hit is its performance in the market place. The Firefly has some impressive features from its hardware to the impressive apps which certainly makes it great for roaming around the internet.

How will Amazon Firefly affect E-Commerce?

Amazon's mobile has all Amazon apps already installed without the option to remove them. This could mean users will most likely directly search for products from the app, which in turn reduce the number of users online, causing small and medium sized E-Commerce sites to loose in profits and sales. Mobile shopping is increasing rapidly by growing 188% to $59.7 billion in the US in 2013, representing 23% of all online purchases.

E-Commerce managers are encouraged to take part of the Firefly 'revolution', as this tech advancement marks a turn in the way users shop online. Sunny Verdi, Head of SEO at Polaris explains: "Firefly embodies the 'always-on shopping' trend in e-commerce. Users are increasingly always shopping, and doing so via one button only. This indicates E-Commerce owners need to re-think their marketing strategy, as Amazon has raised the bar for E-retail again."

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