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Increasing All Year Round Birthday Sales for eCommerce Gifting Company

Intro and goal of project, the leading ecommerce gifts and experiences company, approached POLARIS with a business challenge.

With a traditionally strong focus around gifting in the lead up to Christmas every year, the business identified an opportunity to broaden their business by focusing on life events that offer revenue potential all year around. Building on the heritage already put in place by the agency team of achieving #1 rankings for “birthday hampers” and other related milestone terms, POLARIS were commissioned to consider the wider gifting market outside of hampers, and present an action and results focused strategy that would increase revenue for the business, consistently month to month.


The ecommerce company wanted a solution that considered their capability and how it can be positioned, but did not have an understanding of target audiences. A significant challenge was that there was limited data available from the business to conduct our process.

This meant that the POLARIS team would have to source data from trusted third party sources, to ensure any strategic insights had validity.

Solution delivery

The POLARIS senior team set about firstly having a face to face client briefing session with the ecommerce business. This was a half day session, held at their offices, with the purpose of meeting with the Leadership Team and learning about their business objectives and goals for the next 2-3 years.

From this session, a real sense of direction was understood, from both the leadership team and the business owner himself, which helped the POLARIS team understand the unique elements of the ecommerce business’ proposition.

Through this meeting, a number of potential opportunities were raised and discussed. The merits of each opportunity debated, the SEO agency and ecommerce client team together identified birthdays as being the opportunity to consider in more detail.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, the senior team at POLARIS conducted a research process to gather market and competitor data to understand

- Market opportunity within gifting for birthdays.
- Activity being conducted by competitors targeting birthdays for online sales.
- What our clients position could be within this market in a way that it makes sense.

It was very important to the client and to POLARIS that any strategy delivered worked to the strengths of the business that exists today, not an aspirational version of the future.


An ecommerce strategy playbook was successfully delivered into the Marketing team within the ecommerce clients business in 2022. This strategy, underpinned by third party data sources, delivered a clear and action led strategy roadmap for By including target projections for traffic, conversion rates, and average order values (AOVs), we were able to provide an initial set of goals to work towards, together.

This strategy playbook was presented internally to the Leadership Team, who then green lighted the strategy with a scope of works being confirmed within 4 weeks of delivery.

7000session increase in organic traffic from milestone terms (new traffic)
2xtotal birthday category traffic
150%growth in birthday transactions
"We enjoy working with POLARIS because they help to focus our minds. The partnership is truly collaborative, and POLARIS initial Strategy Playbook helped to position our efforts directly around the ess"
Amelia Fletcher, Marketing

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