seo marketing targetWorking out an accurate budget for SEO is no easy task, whether your a client or agency. Depending on your objectives and other forms of business advertising, your SEO budget will be a proportion amount of your overall marketing budget for your business.


Our general rule of thumb when calculating an appropriate budget for a client is to conduct an efficient analysis into the time it will take to achieve a return on investment (ROI) and also the tasks involved in our SEO work. The core research is done on the competitive landscape as it currently stands, looking at how strong the competitors are that currently rank first page, how many overall competitors there are competing for a keyword / phrase, and the quality of the On Page and Off Page SEO by those ranking in the top 3 organic positions.


By looking at all of these factors, we can then identify a suitable amount of man hours which we will think will be sufficient to gain headway within an ethical SEO campaign.


Once the budget has been set, it will only change for two reasons:

– if a client decides that they want us to work on multiple campaigns at any one time
– if results peak (based on limited budgets) below the top 3 positions

As an agency specialising in professional seo services, we have a fixed day rate which helps us to define the costs associated with our services. This is the most transparent way of providing SEO services and helping businesses identify accurate budgets for SEO.

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