Genuine SEO Agencies Charge For TimeEveryday our sales team speak to potential clients about our services and they get asked the same question; “why dont you offer a fixed package based on the number of keywords you target?.” The answer to this is actually incredibly simple. To achieve rankings, and to determine whether a ranking is achievable within a viable timeframe and budget for a client, we must ascertain the amount of competition behind a particular keyword or search phrase.

By looking at various overall factors such as average Cost per Clicks (CPCs), number of advertisers (in both paid and organic search), and the total number of results for a search, an approximation can be achieved of the amount of business potential behind the keyword and how many websites are competing for the traffic from it.

The second stage in determining whether a keyword / search phrase is viable is to delve a little deeper and analyse the organic results a little more, taking a look at:

  • the quality of the title and description tags (how well they engage and attract users from the SERPS)
  • the design / call to actions within the landing page
  • quality of copy
  • number of backlinks to landing page / overall site
  • quality of backlinks
  • type of backlinks

By looking at these factors, a genuine, ethical seo agency will be able to sumise the amount of competition behind a keyword and ascertain a strategy for success. Because each and every keyword / search phrase has a varying degree of competition and above factors, a fixed cost cannot be associated within any generic set of keywords if the aim of the campaign is to achieve a positive ROI for the client.

For this reason, genuine SEO agencies will always base a campaigns commercials on time dedicated as supposed to offering a fixed deal package based on the number of keywords you buy.

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