Ok so we know that the goal of any SEO Campaign (and Client) is to achieve a first position ranking on the first page of Google. This objective is the end game, but to get there we have to get past thousands (if not millions) of other websites competing for the same trophy.

Most ethical seo agencies will confirm that as you get closer to the top of page one the harder it becomes to make ground, however getting to page two (from nowhere) can be relatively straightforward providing your on page SEO is accurately conducted.

What is ON Page SEO?

For a complete overview of what ON Page SEO is you can view our services page, but generally speaking ON Page SEO is ensuring that your website itself ticks the boxes that Search Engines require. This includes the website code, site structure, internal links, and keyword density. Utilising these elements effectively, a good SEO agency will be able to enhance your website to ensure that it is clearly accessible and readible by search engines so that they can get a clear understanding of the websites relationship with target keywords.

What do I have to do ?

The first thing you have to do is understand the keywords that are appropriate to your business. Once you have your target set of keywords, you need to then map out how you are going to create valuable sections / pages within your website which will target these keywords specifically. The make up of these sections and pages is where the ON Page SEO efforts begin.

Case Study: Scrapping Cars for Cash

Scrapping Cars For Cash case studyOne of our clients; Scrapping Cars for Cash, wanted to get ranked for the search term ‘scrap cars’. Conducting a formal review of their website (www.scrapcarkent.org.uk), we delivered a set of reccomendations to bring their website up to speed for the search engines to read and understand. For the term ‘scrap cars’, we asked the client to create a specific page called ‘scrap cars’, linked from the home page, ensuring that it would get spidered.


Looking at this page, we ensured the following:

  • Page Title contained target keyword without being seen as spam
  • Page Description containted target keyword whilst still being readible and informative for target visitors
  • Page copy contained target keyword enough to ensure strong keyword density
  • Page copy contained the target keyword in Bold, signifying its importance to search engines
  • Additional pages within the website linked to the target page using the target keyword as anchor text


SEO Results

google SEO ResultsThese efforts allowed us to get the website ranked on page two within 3 weeks of the website going live, all through pure on page SEO. Today, with additional OFF page SEO efforts the website now ranks page one for the term ‘scrap cars’, and is on its way to ranking within the top 3 results for the term.

As an SEO agency, our job is to be accurate on the results we anticipate to deliver and the time it takes to deliver them. On Page SEO is an extremely important element in demonstrating effective SEO and how to build the base for a clearly measurable, profitable SEO Campaign.

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