B2B marketers can measure different types of ad rotation from PPC campaigns, focusing on clicks and/or impressions. But before enjoying the many advantages of Pay-Per-Click comes the essential step of choosing the best type of campaign for a specific marketing strategy: Does your B2B company need a brand awareness campaign or a conversion-based campaign? Weigh options to determine which PPC campaign type in order to establish the right tracking code type for your landing pages. Ensure Google Analytics is correctly set up and linked to your PPC account for better results analysis.

The next stage is essentially to decide how much a lead is worth to your business, in order to determine the exact budget to attribute to the PPC campaign. This stage needs time and thorough investigation, as finding the right balance between the cost of a B2B service (or product) and the overall marketing budget is usually a matter that needs approval at various levels of an organisation.

Small B2B businesses with limited budgets can run awareness campaigns for a month targeting a wide range of audience members in the B2B industry. The secret to PPC success does not lie in its allocated budget but in targeting the right kind of users. Using interests and remarketing, B2B marketers are able to target users in finance, banking, business marketing managers and many more.

With the correct targeting and ad schedule, a budget as small as £500 is worth running for brand awareness. Unless you are trying to convert leads, don’t pause a B2B PPC campaign based on budget or the feeling it will only break-even.

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