Are you in the process of redeveloping or redesigning a new website? Do you know why you might need a website migration agency to guide you to launch your new site? This straightforward and easy-to-digest guide will tell you why.


Optimised Website Structure & Content  

An experienced SEO agency can help you optimise your website structure and content during the migration process. One of the most critical elements of a website migration project is the pre-migration phase, which includes auditing your website architecture to ensure it any existing SEO equity is retained. Often marketers and UX teams ideate a new site architecture without considering the SEO impact of completing restructuring and this leaves performance devastated after changeover.  

A qualified SEO migration expert will use their technical knowledge to identify any potential issues that could negatively impact the performance of your website. They will also be able to suggest changes that can improve both the user experience and search engine rankings of your new website to ensure your existing rankings and traffic are retained, so that your target audiences can still find your website and engage with your brand.  

In addition, they will work with you to ensure that all the content on the new website is optimised for search engines. This includes ensuring that all titles and meta tags are properly formatted, as well as making sure there is no duplicate content on the site. It also involves researching relevant keywords and phrases to target to help boost your rankings in Google searches.  


Content Mapping 

Content mapping during a migration project involves identifying and matching the source content with the corresponding target content in the new system. This process ensures that all relevant information is properly transferred and organised in the new system, and can include tasks such as identifying content types, determining relationships between content, and creating a plan for moving the content to the new system. It is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth migration process and maintaining the integrity of the content. 


Redirection and 301s 

One of the most important aspects of a website migration is redirecting the old pages to new ones which is crucial to maintain SEO rankings. An expert SEO agency will be able to ensure that all the redirects and 301s are set up correctly, so that your website visitors and search engines can find the new pages with ease. Whilst this is the most obvious and talked about aspect of launching a new website, if you haven’t gone through multiple pre migration works prior to this, redirects won’t save you. You could still lose your rankings and traffic and launch a website badly.  


Better Performance & ROI  

Hiring an SEO agency can help to improve the overall performance and return on investment (ROI) of your new website. A migration isn’t just about retaining performance, but also about increasing it. Marketing managers that have involved POLARIS from the beginning of the project can experience a 40% uplift in SEO performance after 3 months of launching a new website. This is because we handle and own aspects of a migration that internal stakeholders seldom do.  


On Page Optimisation During a Site Migration Project 

By optimising page content, titles, and meta tags, it can increase organic traffic to your site which ultimately leads to more conversions. Moreover, they can provide you with valuable insights into how well certain pages or features are performing so that you can make changes accordingly to maximise ROI from advertising campaigns or other initiatives.  


Tracking and Analytics 

Integrating GTM, GA and/or GA4 is important in a site migration project because they ensure that data collection and tracking continue seamlessly during and after the migration. They also have the ability to track and measure website performance and the data can help to quickly identify and resolve any problems. An expert agency knows the importance of integrating GTM, GA and/or GA4 and will make sure your site migration is a success.  



Website migration is not a one-time task, and an expert SEO agency will be able to ensure that the website continues to be optimised after migration as well so that it can continue to attract visitors and improve SEO ranking.  


Migrating a website is a complex process that requires expertise and precision in order for it to be successful. An experienced SEO agency can provide their invaluable knowledge during this process by ensuring that all of the technical elements are properly addressed, as well as helping you optimise page content and titles for better search engine rankings. In addition, their insights into performance metrics can help improve ROI from your online initiatives greatly. Ultimately, hiring an SEO agency for your website migration project is essential if you want it done right! 

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