Landing pages are at the core of SEO success – relevancy, user experience and overall depth of the page are important and while most websites will have the basics down to a tee, there are some simple changes which can be made on landing pages to improve indexing and positive page crawling.

Structure heading tags

Paragraph breaks, page sections, videos and calls to action will all be separated by different tags on the page. Audit these tags site wide and ensure they are uniform across the site.

Optimise these heading tags based on keyword variations and terms associated to a business.

Each heading tag should be no longer than 56 characters and avoid duplication of tag across the website.

Overall, heading tags are broken down in to H1 (only use one), H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 and these will each be formatted differently in a CSS. Always place them in order numerically from 1-onwards. You don’t need all heading tags, but it’s good practice to go down to at least H3 tags.

Remove Unused Elements

Using a tool such as Crazy Egg will allow web owners to understand whereabouts on a web page a user is dropping off, where interaction is at a peak and elements on each page that are being overlooked, either through clicking around them or simply scrolling past.

Dependant on the CMS, it is possible to simply put these elements elsewhere on the page or remove them completely. Redesigns, can also be carried out to meet some elements which aren’t being met elsewhere on the page.

Pair this with a scan of the website and you will also be able to increase page speeds as well.

Compare and Improve

Compare core elements such as titles, keyword placement and density, speed, coding distribution and overall crawler performance against those ranking in the top three positions in SERPs.

Once you’ve done this, it is possible to reverse engineer what is needed to close the gap from an SEO viewpoint, increase rankings, traffic and revenue.


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