In 2014, E-commerce SEO managers have noticed the rapid increase of the mobile over desktop usage rate, quickly developing new shopping trends and interesting opportunities for retailers. Variations of user engagement on desktop, mobile, social and apps have proven to influence the marketing strategies of e-retailers in various sectors. The online gaming industry in particular surpassed its own marketing expectations through the rise of the app user.

Facilitating Online Buying In Data-Collecting Apps

The secret behind the success of gaming e-retailers in 2014 is the creation of apps giving new and returning customers faster access to products, industry news and game reviews. These apps make the purchase experience quicker, and makes the store omnipresent in the gamer’s life (the always-purchasing user trend now expanding further from smart phones to the Apple watch in the next months). Industry leader Game launched an app that not only facilitates online buying but also offers clever, data-collecting user features such as virtual wallets, location, scanning, promotions, pre-orders, trade-ins, gamertags and social media.

The global, industry-wide success of mobile commerce is the natural consequence of a shift in lifestyle, which in turn has lead to a search revolution. Mobile use has grown by 76%  from 2013 to 2014, a user trend which was quickly caught-up by e-retailers to meet the demands of mobile consumers. Gaming e-marketers have seized and combined the opportunities offered by a 30% growth in mobile gaming and the 174% rise in mobile shopping last year, by creating apps introducing online buying into the gaming experience.

Combining SEO With ASO For Christmas

The competition faced by game stores applications in app stores is similar to the competition on SERPS, which makes App Store Optimisation a vital element of their digital marketing strategies for 2015. Combined with SEO, app audits give digital marketing managers essential data from locations such as the Google Play store or the Apple store, which can be used to smoothly integrate ASO into their marketing strategy for 2015. The next year will most likely see the rise of app data analysis platforms, and the integration of new modules in Google Analytics for digital marketers to study app usage statistics.

Christmas is only around the corner for online games stores marketers, as SEO campaigns need to be launched by mid July to see results early December. This year, the Christmas lists of online game stores digital marketers will include a full website audit, effective product structuring and app optimisation, all possible within the same digital marketing campaign.

Contact Polaris for an audit of your online game store or for more information on our E-commerce SEO services.

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