The visibility of sports e-retail largely depends on product reviews from customers and independent reviewers, but digital marketing managers of sports retailers and exercise equipment specialists should look into high-quality link-building, as long as it is wisely used and relevant to the business.

Blogging has become a common source of content marketing for sports equipment retailers, from Sports Direct’s News Blog to Decathlon’s DecaBlog, a traditional method that does not only reinforce customer loyalty but also gains more back links.

Link building offers a number of challenges to sports and fitness equipment retailers. How many relevant blogs related to fitness online retail can be produced without getting redundant? Are additional content writers needed or are in-house teams enough to cover all areas of sportswear marketing? Cost is an area that marketing managers might want to investigate while keeping in mind that spending on content and successful link-building will pay for itself in due time. Sports retailers can gain back links quickly by focusing on the quality of their posts , and provide readers with useful and unique health & fitness facts, events, product promotions and sports news.

Social media are direct channels from an online fitness store to its customer base, which presents endless possibilities to create back links from posts on special offers through online competitions, a technique used by many sports retailers on Facebook and Twitter, as it gives a strong reason for sports bloggers to link to the main stores. Landing pages must in turn be immaculate to encourage click-throughs.

Marketing managers of large sports e-retailers must audit their back links to keep track of them as they come and go. Trust flow must be kept as high as possible and link building must only take place with relevant websites. A long-lasting link between an online sports equipment store and a fitness blog of strong domain authority is a classic and safe way for better SEO. For example, sponsored links from marathon events blogs are the perfect partners for marathon equipment e-retailers. Choosing high traffic websites for link building is key to receive large numbers of impressions.

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