Those managing e-commerce sites know that it is not easy to develop a link building strategy for online stores. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible. In this article we’re going to share some tried and tested link building strategies that can and will help you win links for your e-commerce site.

Why Link Building?

Online marketing prices are increasing steadily, so the more organic traffic your online store receives, the better. However, in order to attract this traffic, you not only need to build your on-site SEO structure and create very good content but also build links.

Look For Complementary Products

Think about the products you offer on your online store. What other companies are selling items that enhance or complement yours? It can be a good idea to reach out to these manufacturers and ask them if you can work together. Whether you exchange posts on each other’s blogs to amplify your reach, participate in each other’s email reach or social network or you just link from each other’s product pages, there are diverse ways in which you can leverage these relationships.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

You have built many relationships through your e-commerce site that can open the door to creating backlinks more easily. Think about manufacturers of the products you sell, your key distribution channels, other businesses you work together with… and just ask them for a link!

You can send them an email or call them over the phone. You have nothing to lose and it’s likely that they’ll be willing to add your link to their sites.


Although infographics seem to be an outdated piece of content, created well e-commerce sites can turn them into linkable assets. Infographics are informative pieces of content that online stores can rely on to educate prospects, reduce their anxiety, make them move forward in the buying process and, of course, they can also help you gain links from sites you may have never considered before. Use a specialist SEO outreach service  to reach your desired audience.

For instance, an infographic about the different cutlery items can be a good fit for a cooking or a chef’s blog while a blog about gardening tools can be attractive to a gardening blog, a website about tools or complement an article about different types of tools.

Brand Awareness

Getting the most out of linking can also be done through simple brand awareness. Get together a list of relevant blogs and ask them for an honest review of a product. This will create both links and a positive brand awareness.

Think carefully about who and where you target – if they’re audience are your buyers then go for it, if not, consider a different option.

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