Operating a gifting business means that Q4 should be the biggest period in your calendar. Your target customers will be searching online for gifts through a variety of channels, all of which ecommerce SEO still remains absolutely centre and fundamental.

To get your SEO rankings to their maximum capability and beat your competition, you need to make sure you have a number of things taken care of in the lead up.

  1. Updated product range for key categories on site. Ensure your best sellers, and new products are all listed with enticing product descriptions that clearly identify the perfect recipient of the gift.
  2. Update your main category pages to include fresh signals to key products this seasons, and also guide based editorial
  3. Audit your main seasonal landing pages to ensure they contain seasonal keywords and “2023” to communicate to Google that your page is fresh and relevant for this season
  4. Pick a selection of hero products to really push and promote, with a story behind them which is key for digital PR and outreach
  5. Plan a PR and Outreach campaign that gets you coverage for key products or brand stories from sites that are relevant and target your customers too.
  6. Review the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for competitors that rank for your target keywords – audit their pages, product ranges, and content. Are they doing something that we should be ?
  7. Have a content strategy that means you have fresh content planned to be produced and pushed live in the lead up the final week of Christmas (these are critical as the search results will continue to keep moving around and you will need to give as many signals to Google as possible that you are updating the site and offer the best user experience for their query)
  8. Sense check your user experience and buying journey for compliance, ensuring that your website and key landing pages all adhere to both E.E.A.T and YMYL algorithms from Google.
  9. Where possible, ensure your website is technically proficient for page speed and other factors affecting the UX, particularly on mobile
  10. Also where possible, before any code freezes, review the architecture of the site to ensure your key category pages are in the most optimum position structurally as possible

If you have an internal marketing or ecommerce manager, they will be able to help manage some of this, but the driving force behind ensuring the right quality and strategic approach to fit your business will come from your SEO agency.

Bonus Content

As the festive season approaches, marketing teams managing websites on ecommerce CMS and hosted platforms must prioritise SEO. Stay ahead with our guide, “Ecommerce SEO Essentials for Christmas.”

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