There are multiple free and paid tools that you can use to evaluate sites, improve on-site Structure, and help build a stronger and more varied backlink profile.

Google Chrome offers some of these tools as extensions:

Check My Links

Check My Links is a great extension for those interested in checking on-page links more easily and efficiently. It allows you to quickly identify how many links there are on a page, which ones are working properly and which ones return 404 errors. It is also a great help for those interested in identifying broken links both on your site and others.

Open Multiple URLs

Open Multiple URLs helps you have a smoother workflow and when you need to open hundreds of URLs at once. When you open the extension and load the tabs with URLs, you can use keyboard shortcuts to speedily move through every window.

Word Count

If you are performing an SEO audit in which word count can be a critical component of that audit, using the Word Count extension can perform a quick, high-level overview of word count on certain pages.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

Nimbus is a handy screenshot and screencast tool that can help when putting together a report for a client.


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