Link Building With Google PandaLast year Google Panda completely changed the way we conduct SEO. The update to the algorithm determining site ranking transformed what we consider to be ethical SEO and punished those sites that took the ‘easy’ route to link building.
Here’s an easy to understand run down of the significant changes Panda has made to professional SEO services.

– Panda penalises ‘low-quality’ websites, as well as spam and scraper sites. Even linking to these low quality websites degrades your ranking.
– It prioritises new, original content. The update caused a surge in the rankings for news websites and social networking sites.
– Panda’s penalising sites with a lot of ads, especially those with ads at the top of the page.
– Exact match anchor links aren’t as important anymore.
– Greater impact on one really high quality link, rather than a ton of low quality ones.
– If you’re submitting articles to a network, it’s best to steer clear of sites that instantly approve your article as they’re likely to be approving low quality content as well, which will have an adverse affect on your ranking.
– Successful marketing campaigns should focus around high quality content like blogs, whitepapers, webinars, infographics etc.
– Google have publicly said that even if you have a great site, if you have low quality content on your site it’ll drag down your rankings of the rest of the site, so you either have to update it or get rid of it entirely.

Following these steps will not only give you a better understanding of how Panda works, but also demonstrates what a UK SEO agency needs to be doing to most effectively perform SEO in a post-Panda world.

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