Hi, my name is Sam, and I’ve just joined the Polaris team as an SEO executive! I can’t wait to get started in helping the Polaris SEO Agency guide journeys online and make a real difference to client’s search performance.

My Background

A picture of Sam Marlow wearing a blue shirt, sat against a dark brick background

I found my way into SEO through online content and blog writing, starting in a content focused role for an e-commerce conglomerate. While I’ve always enjoyed writing, I came to realise that getting people

to see what I’d published online didn’t just come down to writing something that was nice to read – there were a whole range of factors that influenced how and if web users could even find it in the first place. This was my introduction to SEO.

From this starting point, my role and responsibilities began to expand further and further into SEO. I started to delve into different aspects with an initial focus on content and on-page optimisation, and then expanding into the more technical side, and the more I learned the more I was able to put this knowledge to use. All this learning began to feel like it had paid off when I saw our brands start to climb up the SERP. This process of learning, implementation, and then seeing the results directly on google itself gave me a huge amount of confidence and made me even more sure that I’d made the right decision.

My Goals in SEO

Now at Polaris, I’m eager to continue the process of learning, adapting, implementing and creating success in SEO. While content and on-page have been my “bread and butter”, the technical side of SEO is where I really want to grow and evolve my skillset. Polaris has a wealth of experience that I just can’t wait to tap into, and I’d love to get to the point where I have a strong skillset throughout all areas of SEO which I can apply to both ecommerce and B2B spaces.

My Interests Beyond SEO

Writing is something that I also pursue out of work, with an eventual aim of getting a piece of fiction published traditionally. I’ve finished one manuscript and I’m in the process of submitting to agents but, if that doesn’t land, I’ve learned from that experience and I’m ready to start creating a second piece.

Outside of that I love spending time in nature, whether that’s the local park or getting out into the countryside to hike or camp – and try to stay pretty active in my day-to-day life.

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