This year’s CoolBrands Survey shows tech-superstars Apple has retained its place at the top spot and social media giant falling out of the top three to be replaced by rival platform, and Facebook owned, Instagram. Streaming service Netflix, home of exclusive titles Orange is the New Black and House of Cards ranked 14th, its first entry inside the top 20. As an SEO company we like to delve a little further into these listings and find out what truly makes these companies tick.

The value of the digital market continues to grow, over the past 12 months digital agencies commanded fees in excess of £850M from some of the top brands across the world, including Tesco, Moet Champagne and Marks & Spencer. This is an increase of £154M on the previous 12 months and a looks like a number that will continue to grow as companies continue to move advertising efforts online and the battle for prime time advertising space switches to a war for the top spot on SERPs.

So in terms of SEO, where is branding factored in?

Branding for SEO comes in many forms; does your company have a branded blog with a focus on benefitting SERPs? Is your website navigational? Are you a locally listed business (if applicable)? And do you have Schema data on your website to ensure key pieces of information show to your potential customers in organic search? What’s your content marketing work like? Are you building reputable, trustworthy and natural links? Are your keyword choices conversion rate optimised?

Onsite SEO

Successful SEO starts onsite and uses your brand story and enhances it for users who may be new the brand. For example, a simple blog highlighting the principals of a brand through engaging and informative content, that is keyword optimised for conversions and sharable, could make a huge difference to your rankings – and brand awareness.

Paired with optimised pages, navigational content and a strong social media presence the lines between branding your business and SEO start to merge further.

Onsite SEO specialists can aid you with improving coding on your website, schema tags, Google Business listings, navigation and page speeds. Schema tags and Google Business listings in particular can benefit your SEO and how you rank within search engines. Sitelinks are more likely to show, as are business details – such as address and opening times – and ultimately your brand is going to look more trustworthy with a story that begins before a potential customer enters a website.


Off Page SEO

An ethical SEO company will stay aim to stay ahead of algorithm changes and updates from search engines, but the best SEO companies will also take into consideration the best possible approach for your brand as well.

Link acquisition should be natural through PR work, onpage resources and valuable relationships with third party websites. The story of a brand should be at the core of these campaigns and each piece of content created will come from the brand’s past, as well as form part of the story that creates the brand’s future. Again, social media and how people share content will come into play.

Having the right content to match both your SEO campaign and brand story is more likely to see people engage with your brand and, over the longer term, become customers.

For a long time the borders of SEO and marketing have blurred, but the growth of content has truly mixed the two together and picking the right SEO agency to carry out marketing for you has never been more important.

Although ranking is important, how you rank and the information shown is equally as important for success of click through rates, pages visited, and conversions completed, once a user is on site.

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