The Demand Generation Calculator is a tool created by the growth forecasting experts at Polaris.

This calculator is a process used internally by ourselves and to guide clients when we growth scope plan, in December we decided we would make this available to the public for the first time to help all B2B business owners understand how your revenue goals can be achieved in 2023 through investing in digital marketing to drive traffic to your website.

Primarily, this calculator is used to determine the number of sales your business needs to achieve your revenue goal, by analysing the number of leads you need to achieve your sales, and to achieve these leads the amount of traffic you need coming to your website.

Leads are the lifeblood of any B2B business, the primary driver of enquires most often is through inbound marketing – your website.

If you have been feeling underwhelmed by the growth your business has been achieving this year, struggling with the market declines being felt by a changing consumer and want to take control to grow your business next year then this calculator will help you visualise how this can happen.

The calculator has been developed to be a simple Google Sheets tool, that will take 5 minutes to fill in when you have gathered all the data you need. Don’t worry all the information you need will be at your disposal – we created the tool to be accessible to all.

Within four quick steps you can get a clear picture of what you need to do to hit your 2023 targets.

  1. Input your revenue target for next year
  2. Locate your Average Order/Deal Value
  3. Find your conversion rate (deal to win)
  4. Your website conversion (from visitor to enquiry)

Once you have plugged in those data points the calculator will do the rest and output how much website traffic you will need to hit your sales targets.

The tool comes with a list of detailed instructions and step-by-step guide on how to fill the calculator out.

PS: We also have an ecommerce revenue calculator – if you would like to receive this instead of the B2B one then contact us directly and we will send the ecommerce version to you.

Easily visualise your 2024 sales targets, broken down into the traffic required to achieve them today using the Polaris Demand Generation Calculator.

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